josh richards late model

josh richards late model

Josh Richards

Joshua Richards (born March 22, 1988) is an American professional stock car racing driver from Shinnston, West Virginia. He was getting over 50 finished rides a day and was able to support a wife, new daughter and mother-in-law on the straw business before financial ads went to Facebook and doomed his business.


The whole Mark Wahlberg relationship really started off with just a cold email to his partner at Unrealistic Ideas, Archie Gips. Mark Wahlberg has always been an idol of mine, someone that I’ve looked up to since I was a little kid watching his movies. And looking at Mark’s career going from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch to being a Calvin Klein model and then trying to get into the film industry and really prove himself, because a lot of people doubted him. It’s really, I feel, a close resemblance to what I am going through right now in my career path, coming from the world of social media.

I think the biggest thing about Gen Z is that we’re not scared to ask, and we’re not scared to do. I think that a lot of kids out there today are taking their dreams into their own hands, instead of relying on other people to do it for them, or to kind of hand them a golden platter. With old Hollywood, it’s a lot of people talking to the middleman and going through all this work until nothing ever comes to be because they tossed it around so long. With Gen Z, they just want to get it done. (Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com)


Yeah, but I kind of love being the underdog. I think it just adds to the story. And being 18 or 19 when I started angel investing, there were a lot of people that doubted at the beginning. I like to be able to prove people wrong, that’s something that drives me in my life, but I really look at it as a tool.

“I’ve always looked up to him just because of how versatile he is. He was that pretty boy, which a lot of people try to throw me in that category as well from TikTok,” he said. “‘Oh, you’re the kid that dances with his shirt off.’ It’s funny to make jokes about, but now I’m moving to the entrepreneurial world like Mark moved into. He’s done so many things to expand that portfolio of his and I find that really respectable.” (Source: boardroom.tv)


Charity and giving back is something Richards has always valued. He participated in the All In Challenge which helped raise over $50M, donated 100,000 masks to his and his friends’ schools, created a clothing line where all proceeds were donated to the NAACP, gave out blankets to the homeless on Giving Tuesday, and after Giving Tuesday, he decided to give back again the following Tuesday, handing out Chipotle and Ani Energy to the less fortunate.

In addition to his for-profit ventures, Richards has participated in a variety of philanthropic activities. He was a part of the All In Challenge, which raised nearly $60 million for food charities. In January 2021, Richards teamed with fellow influencer Griffin Johnson to raise $200,000 in the Barstool Sports COVID relief fund. He and Johnson also started a scholarship fund, donating a total of $40,000 to four underserved high school students’ college tuition. (Source: variety.com)



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