Jay Alvarrez Video:

Jay Alvarrez Video:

Jay Alvarrez Video:

Who Is Jay Alvarrez?

Alvarrez was born in Hawaii on July 5, 1995. He dropped out of high school following his mother’s untimely death from cancer when he was just 14 years old. His father raised him and he has since become a noted model, travel blogger and social media influencer. (

Why Is Coconut Oil Trending on Tiktok After Jay Alvarrez's Nsfw Video?

YouTuber Tana Mongeau and Alvarrez never publicly confirmed their relationship, but many speculated they were an item. The pair used the “boyfriend tag” in a YouTube video, which led many to suggest that they started dating during an influencer trip to Greece. While on the trip, Mongeau shared a photo in which Alvarrez fed her grapes. She captioned it, “Bae feeding me clout like.” (Source: www.intheknow.com)

She explains that the tape was made four years ago while she was in a private relationship with the travel blogger. “Jay was like, ‘Please, let’s make it on my camera, I will edit it, it will be so cool,” she says of being pressured into making the sex tape. Sveta then reveals that it was actually her best friend who filmed the video and that she owns the rights to it. (Source: centennialbeauty.com)

Why Is Jay Alvarrez Trending on Tiktok?

Because no influencer can go unscathed by Logan Paul, Alvarrez became entangled in a sex tape controversy in December — and he has the YouTuber to thank. Paul and Mike Majlak discussed the existence of a video, in which Alvarrez sleeps with Russian model Sveta Bilyalova, on their Impaulsive podcast. Naturally, the internet went out and found it, and chaos ensued. (Source: www.intheknow.com)

Model in Jay Alvarrez Coconut Oil Video Says the Influencer Leaked the Tape to Remain Relevant

Svetlana Bilyalova AKA Svetabily, the Russian Instagram model featured in Jay Alvarrez’s now-infamous sex tape, claims she is the victim of revenge porn. After racking up millions of views, the 28-year-old addressed the sex tape on her YouTube channel a few days ago. YouTube has now removed her response video for violating community guidelines. (Source: centennialbeauty.com)


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