Jason Schwartzman:

Jason Schwartzman:

Jason Schwartzman is an American actor, screenwriter, and musician who has appeared in titled, independent, and Hollywood films. He is best known for playing Ben in the 2005 film Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited, Max in Rushmore, Mark in The Overnight, Preston in Dirty Grandpa, and Teen Wolf in Teen Wolf. He has a degree from Soka University of America. Asia Argento: Asia Argento is an Italian model, actress, director, screenwriter, and musician. She is best known for her

Jason Schwartzman

Continuing our series of writers defending unloved films is a reappraisal of Andrew Niccol’s flop satire starring Al Pacino as a director who creates a virtual actor, Hill is one of the funniest comics working in Hollywood, but are his ‘straight’ roles anything more than funny teeth and wigs? We launched an investigation (Source:

Film Blog Scott Pilgrim Vs the World: Send Us Your Questions for the Cast

Tomorrow we're interviewing Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin and Jason Schwartzman ahead of the release of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. Send us your questions; we'll ask them the best ones

Jason's also in a new TV show with the awful name Bored to Death with comic Zack Galifinakis (gal-a-fin-ACK-iss) and Ted Danson (this makes Ted's 3rd hit show! Not many actors even get two!) Jason was a funny person in Funny People, and it stars some funny people, all right! Adam Sandler is a comic who is dying, but before he takes his final bow, he passes his wisdom to Seth Rogen. Jonah Hill, who is in a lot of Seth's movies, is in it, too... and of course with those guys in it, Judd Apatow wrote and directed it. And Jason's next movie, called The Adventurer's Handbook, has Jonah in it again and also Apatow-ite Jason Segel. (Source: www.juf.org)

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