Inventory Manager Resume

Inventory Manager Resume

Inventory Manager Resume

Proven inventory manager with 5+ years of experience and excellent communication skills. Saved Roadite Co. 300 employee hours/week and $1,200/month with a new inventory tracking system, which also improved efficiency by 35%. Seeking to apply my skills to designing innovative inventory management solutions at Solargo to drive ROI and maximize operational efficiency.


An analytical and commercially astute Inventory Manager who boasts first class organisational and presentation skills. Karen is an excellent problem solver who is open to innovation and change and not afraid to challenge existing structures. She has a long track record of achieving within a commercially-driven environment, and her key skills lie in vendor management, and verifying month-end numbers for accounting purposes. On top of this she possesses a strong intellectual curiosity and a desire to dive into problems and data to find actionable solutions. Right now she is looking for a suitable position with a company that is seeking to appoint a talented and experienced individual who gets results.

Objective : Over three years of experience as a Junior Inventory Manager with excellent writing and leadership skills. An organized and effective manager, skilled in seeing the big picture and identifying tasks to facilitate on-time and cost-effective completion. A confident and concise communicator with the willingness and drive to be a team player. To acquire a position in Shipping and Receiving or Warehouse where I could continue utilizing my experience while learning new and innovative strategies in today's market. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


A seasoned, resourceful, and highly analytical individual who has substantial experience in all areas pertaining to material management, and inventory control, and a born leader. I have a long track record of professional success evidenced in my various professional activities managing inventory levels valued up to $6.4 million. I also embody the right capacity to work within a team of other professionals dedicated towards a single course. I also exhibit profound management skills within a team. I have skills in both verbal and written communication and notable history of adherence and full compliance to OSHA regulations.

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