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Everything You Need to Know About India Love

India Love is a gorgeous TV star whose fame can be traced back to a Tumblr account she created in 2011. She is now a renowned model, artist, and reality TV star. India is also quite a controversial figure, especially when it comes to her love life. (Source: thenetline.com)

She Experienced a Lot of Bullying in Real Life and on Social Media

India was born on 3rd February 1996 in California, United States. Love grew up alongside four sisters and two brothers. India spent the first part of her life in Compton, California, and it wasn’t easy for her and her family. India’s family moved to Corona when Compton became too rough. (Source: thenetline.com)

thenetline.com)She Wanted to Portray the Message of Self-Love When She Made the SLove released the single Talk Yo Shit when she was still finding out the direction she wanted to take with her music. What India created with Talk Yo Shit was a song that people could vibe to and still learn something while listening. The message on the song was about self-love. (Source:ong Talk Yo Shit

She Doesn’t Have the Sort of Dating Life That People Imagine

India Love has been linked to many men throughout her time in the limelight. She has been linked to Justin Combs, Game, Lil Yachty, Rich the Kid, Rick Ross, Brandon Wimberly, Sheck Wes, and many more. However, she states that most of these relationship rumors are false. She told Rolling Out; (Source: thenetline.com)

India Love Wiki, Biography, Age, Caree

India Westbrooks, better known on social media as India Love, is an American social media star and artist best known for her role on “The Westbrooks.” The reality show gave India and her sisters a lot of exposure to grow their social media followings. India became best-known for her popular Instagram account as well as her now-defunct Vine account. (Source: influencermarketinghub.com)

India Love Westbrook

India Westbrooks is an American television personality, internet personality, and model who is best Known for her Instagram and vine account. She was born as India Love Westbrooks on February 3, 1996 in California. She rose to fame with her reality show The Westbrooks (2015) that premiered on BET. She rapidly increased her Instagram followers from... See full bio » (Source: www.imdb.com)

How Much Have You Seen?

www.imdb.com)How much of India Love Westbrooks's work have you seen? (Source:

India's 'love Jihad' Conspiracy Theory Targets Muslim-Hindu Weddings : Npr

India's 'love jihad' conspiracy theory targets Muslim-Hindu weddings New state laws make it harder for interfaith couples to marry. The idea is to halt forced marital religious conversions. But they've emboldened extremists to interrupt weddings. (Source: www.npr.org)

www.npr.org)India's New Laws Against 'love Jihad' Give Hindu Conservatives Power to This is not how they imagined their first home together: a mattress on the floor, a hot plate to cook on and a police guard stationed out front. It's a secret safe house in India's capital, 200 miles from the village where they grew up. (Source:Halt Weddings

"why Is That Good Hindu Girl Dating a Muslim?"

Opinion polls show most Indians want to marry within their own religion, and they want their neighbors to do the same. The Pew Research Center recently found roughly two-thirds of Hindus in India want to prevent Hindu women from marrying outside their faith. An even larger proportion of Indian Muslims said the same about Muslim women. (Source: www.npr.org)

'this Is It. I'm Going to Die': India's Minorities Are Targeted in Lynchings

The group's Lucknow office is located on the second floor of a suburban shopping center, next to a dance club. When NPR visited in March, members stood and greeted visiting reporters with chants of "Jai Shri Ram!" — a slogan praising a Hindu god, which has also been used by Hindu supremacists during attacks on minority Muslims. (Source: www.npr.org)

Conjugal Love in India – Ratiśāstra and RatiramanÌ£a. Text, Translation, and Notes

brill.com)The purpose of Ratiśāstra was to provide instruction and advice to young Hindu couples before and after they cohabit as a couple. The desired outcome of lovemaking has always been, according to Hindu law and custom, the production of male issues. Conjugal love or “Ratiśāstra” is the means to assure that auspicious result. (Source:

India Love: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About “the Westbrooks” Star

Vixen India Love has been making waves through every facet of culture, but who is she really? The model has been featured on television, all over social media, and on every big screen. With that being said, here's 5 things you (probably) didn't know about India Love. (Source: www.sohh.com)


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