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I Am Gia

I Am Gia

Here's the Deal With I.am.gia, Instagram's Favorite New Fashion Brand

The Instagram crowd's favorite new fashion brand, I.AM.GIA, is also one of the most elusive. A section titled "Who Is Gia?" on its website simply reads: "CAN I TELL YOU A SECRET? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW." That's because Gia isn't the name of the founder or designer—rather, it's a persona that inspired (and continues to inspire) Alana Pallister to create the label. "The concept behind Gia was to create a character that every woman could embody and feel empowered by," she tells Glamour. "Gia is a strong, independent badass who can take on the world, and that is exactly how we want her to make other women feel.

The Social Media Rise of I.am.gia

If there’s any brand that’s been taking over our Instagram feeds, it’s I.AM.GIA. After being seen on celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski, the Australian-based label has become the style destination for women who ooze confidence, amassing a cult-following of almost 500,000 Instagram followers. Since launching last May, I.AM.GIA has swiftly skyrocketed to popularity with an unapologetically edgy product line including cargo pants, corsets, snakeskin boots, and plaid sets all under $200. (Source: www.forbes.com)

Are There Any Fees?

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I.am.gia - Traffic, Revenue, Competitors and Business Modelecommerce Market Intelligence. Ecommerce Leads

I.am.gia is a fashion and apparel retailer with online presence and sell apparel & accessories related products. It is headquartered in United States of America. I.am.gia has an estimated web sales of $10M-$25M. Iamgia.com attracts a monthly unique visitor traffic 34,410 visitors. (Source: pipecandy.com)

109 I.am.gia Outfits

Cierra Ramirez posted some pictures on instagram wearing The Kii Spike Top ($58.00) and The Kii Spike Skirt ($58.00) by Jaded London, with I.AM.GIA. Nikki Purse (Sold Out) and Chanel Mismatch Crystal-Embellished Earrings ($3,572.00). (Source: stealherstyle.net)



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