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Gizelle Bryant OR

Gizelle Bryant


When Gizelle Bryant first published "Build Your Own 24-Hour Fitness Center" she never imagined the response it would generate: 5 million views, almost 100,000 Facebook engagements, and over a million impressions on social media. What's her secret?


Over the years, Bryant has done things that some would consider to be unkind and she has even developed a reputation as a mean girl. The mother of three, however, pushed back against this notion. “What you see on camera is what you get. I’m a fun girl. I’m a girly girl, but I am no-nonsense,” she expressed. “No, I’m not mean. However, I can see where people might think that. I do say things to the other ladies on the show and if you would just hear me say it without the music in the background and all of the things that go into a show, then it would just be a conversation as opposed to me being a mean girl. I really don’t think that I’m mean. I have very good intentions, always.”

Of course, the season wasn’t all bickering and discord between cast members. Motherhood remains a theme that binds the cast together and reminds viewers of their humanity outside of their reality TV-based personas. Amongst those tender moments was when Bryant’s three daughters revealed that dating has been challenging for them because their parents did not set the best example for them in the relationships department. “The outcome was just me being hyperaware that they’re getting older and assessing where they are in little relationships that they’re getting in and they have questions about how to navigate things because they haven’t lived in a household with their two parents,” Gizelle said of the revelation. “I’m always beyond happy when my kids are honest with me. I feel like that’s what it’s all about. That’s what I’m here for.”Gizelle was born in the United States on September 9, 1970. She is an American reality TV personality. Jamal Harrison Bryant, her husband (m. 2002-2009), is her name. Jamal and Gizelle are the parents of three children, Grace, Angel and Adore. Britney Tankard, Thicker Than Water’s star, is a good friend of hers. Gizelle has announced the publication of her first book, My Word, on February 7, 2019. Officially, the novel was released on April 30. She is an American reality TV personality and a regular on Real Housewives of Potomac. Hampton University is where she completes her education. Curtis Graves is her father. He worked alongside Dr Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil rights Movement. Bryant married Jamal Harrison Bryant, megachurch pastor/activist, in 2002. (Source: theancestory.com)




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