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Emmanuel Hudson OR

Emmanuel Hudson


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As a child, Emmanuel made a name for himself as the funniest guy in his school for dancing, joking, and rapping to bring uncontrollable amounts of laughter every day. Today, Emmanuel has acclaimed over 175 million YouTube views and a committed fanbase. Emmanuel and his brother, Phillip got their big break with their hilarious and catchy song "Ratchet Girl Anthem". The popularity of the video led to them getting a deal with Archive Entertainment and also an album. Emmanuel also had a cameo in the film "Ride Along" starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, which was released in January 2014 and also had an appearance in the series, Nashville. Emmanuel continues to do YouTube videos with his brother and also starred as "Theo" in the independent film #digitallivesmatter, which was directed by Terri Vaughn and also starred his co-star, DC Young Fly as it premiered on BET on October 28, 2017. He was also one of the many comedians that joined Kevin Hart's streaming service "Laugh Out Loud Network" and starred as "Kevin" in the original web series "Dead House" which also featured DC Young Fly, Slick Johnson, and Alphacat. In 2018, he had a guest appearance in In the Cut which airs on the Bounce TV network. In 2019, Hudson became one of the three main hosts of the MTV online series, The Next Big Dance Move.

Emmanuel's prominence as a 'YouTube' comedian peaked 3 years after he joined the platform. It all started with a 'YouTube' video called 'Asking All Them Questions.' Released in 2012, the video featured Emmanuel making funny faces while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. Amidst the act, Emmanuel was seen relating the plight of a man faced with his nagging and overly suspicious girlfriend. Emmanuel instilled comedy by portraying the man as someone who was aggravated for being constantly asked about his whereabouts and doubted of interacting with other women. The video became viral over the internet, and Emmanuel shot to fame. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)


Emmanuel Hudson was born in Mississippi in December 1990. He began starring on the TV series Wild 'N Out in 2013. Hudson starred as Nick on the TV series Dead House in 2017. He has appeared in the films Ride Along, What Love Will Make You Do, Savannah Sunrise, #DigitalLivesMatter, Dirty South House Arrest, and Step Sisters. Emmanuel Hudson has appeared in episodes of the TV series Nashville, Blind Basketball, and Mind of EP. He has also appeared in the shorts Lunchtime Warfare and Unfollowed. Hudson wrote, produced, and directed the TV mini-series Mind of EP. He is also known for his YouTube videos with his brother Philip Hudson. Emmanuel Hudson produced or wrote for Down, Snitchin, Blind Basketball, Side Chicks, and more.

Emmanuel Hudson is a comedian and actor who began his career in Atlanta, GA. His career took off after making a video, titled "Asking All Them Questions," that went viral. He is popularly known for his comedic music videos on social media and as one of the veterans of MTV's "Wild'N Out." He is also featured in #DigitalLivesMatter , can be seen on Kevin Hart's LOL Network in the web series, Dead House and Blind Basketball, as well as the Netflix original movie, Step Sisters. Emmanuel Hudson, also known as (Kosher) is a American comedian, dancer, rapper, and actor known for his viral YouTube videos such as "Ratchet Girl Anthem" with his brother, Phillip Hudson and "Asking All Them Questions" with Spoken Reasons. As of Season 5, he is one of the recurring cast members of Wild 'N Out on MTV, VH1, and MTV2. (Source: wild-n-out.fandom.com)


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