David portnoy house

David portnoy house

David Portnoy

Eventually, that base will scrabble on its belly across the media landscape, cannibalizing successful outlets for profit.


Stabile, Angelica (November 9, 2021). "Dave Portnoy blasts Business Insider for 'sensational' hit piece on sex life: 'It's character assassination'". Fox News. Archived from the original on November 9, 2021. (Source:Portnoy founded Barstool in 2003 in his hometown of Swampscott, Massachusetts. The free four-page newspaper offered betting tips alongside rambling sports rants. Portnoy hit the streets every day to distribute the paper to Boston-area commuters, writing all the articles under various pseudonyms. To drum up more interest, Portnoy started hiring young local models to hand out the paper in skimpy outfits (one of whom, Renee Satterthwaite, became his wife; they separated in 2017).

Several additional TikTok videos, many of which have since been made private or taken down, purported to show private messages from Portnoy sent to women soliciting sex. When the poster of one of these videos — who was 19 at the time of posting — was reached for verification, she forwarded a screenshot of the message to Portnoy. He tweeted it out to his followers with the caption "Hard hitting research from @BusinessInsider dm'ing girls who follow me on insta asking if they've Dm'd with me."

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy denied sexual misconduct allegations published by Insider on Thursday, accusing the outlet of targeting him for a "hit Portnoy posted two videos to Twitter on Thursday defending himself and denying the allegations, accusing Insider of drafting a “hit piece” against him. He also alleged that the reporter, Julia Black, sought out a predetermined narrative, “like the story was already written.” (Source:“To me that’s pretty black and white...it’s such a strange area to be in because it’s a sensitive issue and these allegations are horrific,” Portnoy said. “But they’re saying she’s so depressed by me, suicidal almost. But she was continually hitting me up to hang out. ... I don’t know.”

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