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Daisy Taylor is the personal blog of the talented, British TV and film actress and media personality who is known for her roles in Life and The Fades and her role as Adele in the BBC’s hit TV series Riviera. Enjoy Daisy Taylor’s latest posts and pretty, yet meaningful blog post headlines.


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Daisy Taylor is a British model and social media celebrity. She is famous for being on the cover of ZOO magazine multiple times. Further, she is known as the most stylish model of recent times in England. (Source: dotlocal.org Daisy was born and raised in London along with family and siblings. Having been fond of modeling and glamor ever since a child, she began modeling in 2010 with lingerie commercials. (Source:dotlocal.org))People for DAISY TAYLOR (YORK) LTD (11676548) (Source:ind-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk)))

According to Daisy’s date of birth, her age is 30 years. She is 5’ 3” tall and her weight is approx 58 kg. Daisy is a gorgeous and attractive girl with brown hair and brown eyes. (Source: dotlocal.org In addition to this, Daisy is an emerging social media personality with thousands of followers on different social media platforms. On Instagram with gorgeous and sizzling photos and videos, she has more than 10k followers. For further information about Daisy’s age, height, weight, career, family, boyfriend, and net worth read the full article. (Source:dotlocal.org))

Daisy began her career as a model in 2010 with lingerie commercials. Within a short period of time, she became a hot choice for commercials and ads. With rising fame, Samantha Bond management signed Daisy for modeling and commercials. She represented various global brands and designers. (Source: dotlocal.org In addition to this, Daisy appeared on the cover of Zoo magazine several times. Further, she has amassed several thousand followers on different social media platforms such Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. (Source:dotlocal.org))

Daisy’s net worth as of now, in 2021 is estimated to be more than $500k. Sources of her earnings are commercials, modeling, brand endorsements and other business ventures. (Source: dotlocal.org Talking about daisy’s personal life, she is unmarried and further information about her relationships and affairs is not available as of now. (Source:dotlocal.org))

Though evermore's seventh track "happiness" makes reference to the green light — the symbolic representation of Gatsby's dreams — Swift does not seek this light as Gatsby does.2 Instead, she positions herself in the Daisy role of potential granter of its promises when she sings "all you want from me now is the green light of forgiveness." Coupled with her adaptation of Daisy's famous meditation on ideal womanhood into the lyric "I hope she'll be a beautiful fool / Who takes my spot next to you" on this same track, Swift's allusions to The Great Gatsby seem specifically deployed to examine the constrictive roles that men expect women to fulfill. This reflects a wider concern with female autonomy seen across Swift's 2020 output.3 (Source: post45.org That Taylor Swift makes two references to The Great Gatsby on her new album is perhaps the least surprising element of this surprise release. F. Scott Fitzgerald is Swift's favorite writer, and she previously sang about "feeling so Gatsby for that whole year" on 2017's reputation.1 On evermore, however, Swift is no longer "feeling so Gatsby"; she is feeling so Daisy Buchanan. (Source:post45.org))

When Daisy claims in Fitzgerald's novel that "the best thing a girl can be in this world" is "a beautiful little fool," she implies, given her own experience, that women who find fulfillment in their marriages and forgive their husbands' transgressions are happier than those who think, question, and ultimately want more than this.4 The "beautiful little fool" is what society expects and desires, and Daisy is aware that she does not embody this, though she tries. Almost a century later, this ideal of womanhood still persists, as evermore's fifth track, "tolerate it," shows. Superficially, Swift's character in this song appears an archetypal "beautiful little fool," greeting her husband "with a battle hero's welcome" and taking his indiscretions "all in good fun." But by the song's final chorus, her frustrations with the life she leads are clear, as she expresses her desire to "break free and leave us in ruins."5 Elsewhere on the album, too, women struggle to conform to the expectation placed on them to be good wives. In "champagne problems" a woman is declared "fucked in the head" for rejecting a marriage proposal; the protagonist of "ivy" relieves the pain of her unhappy marriage through adultery; and "no body, no crime" sees a woman murdered for daring to challenge her unfaithful husband.6 One of evermore's overarching themes, then, is women's desire for an existence where their happiness and success are not entirely dependent on men, and Swift's allusion to the The Great Gatsby develops this theme in more ways than one. (Source: post45.org)

Therese Anne Fowler's Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, which Swift read in 2014, dramatizes Scott's appropriation of "beautiful little fool."9 In using the phrase, then, she draws parallels not only between her characters and Daisy, but also between herself and Zelda. Certainly, there are similarities. Swift, like Zelda, has endured men in a position of trust taking unearned credit for and ownership of her creative achievements, foremost the sale of her master recordings by her old manager, Scott Borchetta, to Scooter Braun without Swift's consent in June 2019.10 "happiness" could well be about Borchetta, as Swift has likened the demise of their fifteen-year professional relationship to a divorce in recent interviews, and the song's lyric "all the years I've given is just shit we're dividing up" conjures the image of a couple sorting through their possessions during a divorce.11 Zelda's line thus appears within a song arguably directed at the man who stole Swift's music from her. (Source: post45.org)

Whether getting the crowd up on their feet or creating a soft, beautiful atmosphere for your special day, Daisy Taylor is a talented musician who'll enhance any occasion! With a repertoire jam-packed full of classic & modern day favourites, Daisy can tailor her sets to suit every inch of your event! Acoustic guitar or piano sets available! (Source: www.alivenetwork.com)

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