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Chiara Aurelia

Chiara Aurelia

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Chiara Aurelia recently became a household name with her new Freeform TV show Cruel Summer. Chiara Aurelia's Cruel Summer released on April 20 and has been received well by the audience. The show features Chiara Aurelia in the role of Jeanette. As the show released recently, a lot of people have been curious to know about Cruel Summer's Chiara Aurelia's age, her movies and other details about the actor. Here is a look at the details about the teen actor who is making the headlines.

There's a lot for viewers to sink their teeth into in this new series (premiering April 20) from executive producer Jessica Biel. There's the drastic evolution of Jeanette as her life changes in major ways through these three summers, which offers a fascinating exploration of what it means to be a teen girl in America. There's the mystery of what happened to Kate, which gets darker as each new clue is revealed. And there's awesome '90s nostalgia thanks to the authentic depiction of fashion, hair, shoes, technology, and so much more. (Source: ew.com If you're looking for your next addictive whodunit, Cruel Summer is, like, totally rad. Freeform's dark '90s-set thriller is told on the same days over three consecutive summers as popular small-town sweetheart Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt) goes missing, and awkward, dorky Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia) somehow takes her place as the new it girl — until Jeanette is accused of being involved with Kate's disappearance and becomes the most hated girl in America. (Source:ew.com))

Aurelia found herself feeling for Jeanette in a profound way as she changes herself to become someone totally new, only to have society change her yet again. "There's authentic experiences that may be dark and may be hard to swallow, not just for Jeanette but for all of the characters involved and Kate's journey," the actress says says. "I hope that this can be a guide for young women and young people out there to see that there are a lot of different types of people, and there are a lot of things that are good and bad, and you might see yourself one way, but there's always the potential for change and evolution. And there is nothing wrong with being the dork and the weird one or the one that doesn't fit in, because honestly, it doesn't matter." (Source: ew.com)

While Jeanette thinks her "perfect reality" in 1994 is everything she ever wanted, it turns out to be a lot less real than she thought after she gets brought into the case of Kate's disappearance. "Her new friends leave her within seconds when something has gone wrong and she's even been slightly questioned," Aurelia says. "Having her feel like her integrity and her humanity is being questioned, especially by the people she loves most in the world, without even giving her a chance, can be really hard, and it takes her to a really dark place within herself where she feels unloved and scared. She becomes a more rigid and fearful version of herself. After that experience, having her family turn against her and her friends turn against her, there's truly no going back for Jeanette, and she will never be the same." (Source: ew.com)

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