Cardi B Tattoo OR

Cardi B Tattoo OR

Cardi B Tattoo



The last tattoo is a small cheetah, positioned on the left side of her waist. It seems like this may have been one of Cardi's earlier tattoos, despite the fact she's never commented on when or why she got it (per Net Luxury). Some have suspected she may regret the tattoo, since it's arguably the least seen of Cardi's tattoos. Still, she's made no moves to cover it or have it removed. (

There are a few trademarks that belong to Cardi B and Cardi B alone: her signature "owww" and "okurrrr," the glittery nails we could spot from a mile away, and, of course, her unique tattoo collection. Unlike the dainty, fine-line tattoos that have become popular among Hollywood A-listers, Cardi's ink is the opposite: bold, colorful, and large — just like her personality. (S

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Known Popularly by Her Stage Name, Cardi B, Is an American Singer and Songwriter, and a TV Star. Cardi Found Fame Via the Apps Instagram and Vine. the “Girls Like You” and “Bodak Yellow” Star Has Amassed Fame and Continues to Rise and Inspire. Let’s Get to Know Her Interesting Body Inks and the Meanings That They Hold. (Source: Photo

Even though we’ll never know what Cardi’s star-spangled face tat woul have looked like, she gave fans a glimpse of her expanding family earlier this week when she surprised fans with her baby bump at Sunday’s BET Awards. The following day, Cardi shared two touching images of her husband Offset caressing her baby bump as well as one capturing a precious mother-daughter moment between her and her nearly 3-year-old daughter Kulture in their maternity photo shoot. (Source:

The person who designed the cover said he received $50 for his work. He found a photo of Brophy’s back tattoo online after a Google search. Carney said jurors could conclude that the changes that the designer made lacked sufficient transformative elements for legal protection. (Source: www.abajournal.com)



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