Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee

Alec Baldwin Prop Gun Shooting a Reminder of Brandon Lee Deat

On the day that the prop gun of “Rust” star Alec Baldwin reportedly went off on set in Santa Fe, N.M., killing the film’s director of photography and injuring its director, the official Twitter account of the late Brandon Lee (run by his sister, Shannon Lee) posted this message:

What Happened to Bruce Lee’s Son Brandon on the Set of 1993 Film the Crow? How Prop Gun Death of Halyna Hutchins Brings Back Haunting Memories of Tragic Hollywood Star

The death of Halyna Hutchins’ on the set of ‘Rust’ due to an incident involving a prop gun has drawn parallels with the tragic death of Brandon Lee 29 years ago on the set of comic book film ‘The Crow.’

Who Was Brandon Lee?

Brandon Lee is the son of martial arts star Bruce Lee. After his father’s death, Lee moved to Seattle with his mother and sister. He left college and took up acting. Lee was cast in The Crow and, during the accident-ridden production, was shot by a mishandled prop gun and died of the injury. The film was completed and released after Lee's death.

Rotten Tomatoes: Movies

Strikingly handsome Asian-American actor was the son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee and a Swedish-American mother. Lee began performing in regional theater while still in high school. After studying theater in college, Lee received his first break when cast in "Kung Fu: The Movie" (1986), the TV revival of the popular ABC series of the 1970s. He portrayed an assassin on the trail of David Carradine's Cain. (Ironically, the role of Cain was originally conceived for Bruce Lee.) Lee made his feature debut that same year in "Legacy of Rage," a Hong Kong-produced action movie shot entirely in Cantonese. He went on to play the wisecracking sidekick of Dolph Lundgren in "Showdown in Little Tokyo" (1991). 1992 marked the beginning of his brief career as a Hollywood lead with the modest action film "Rapid Fire." Determined not to be just an action star, Lee chose to star in the dark melodrama "The Crow" (1993). His life came to a tragic end when he was accidentally shot during filming. (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)

Who Was Brandon Lee?

The actor, 28 years old at the time of his death, was best known as the son of kung fu star Bruce Lee. He had been in several low-budget movies before landing his breakthrough role as the star of "The Crow," which eventually came out in 1994.


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