Antonio Aguilar

Antonio Aguilar

Antonio Aguilar

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Antonio Aguilar was a popular Mexican singer, actor, producer and writer. He was from a small town in Zacatecas called Tayahua and was born on May 17, 1919, Died 19 June 2007. This town is close to Villanueva, Zacatecas, Mexico. The story goes that he came to California undocumented and that he slept for three days in the Plazita Olvera or Olvera Street in Los Angeles. He began his acting career during the Golden Era of Mexican Cinematography. He is credited with exposing the sport of la charrería, considered to have originated in Mexico to international audiences.

I love the concert pepe was awesome and hes voice wow just makes you want to melt. Marco Antonio wow didnt realize that he was that short but man does he know how to put on a great show would go see them again, but i think what would be really great is if they had sang a song together. maybe next times guy just a though.

The concert was fabulous. Pepe Aguilar sounded great and engaged audience. He played all his best hits and paid tribute to Jose Alfredo Jimenez and his father. Marco Antonio Solis sang wonderful, he danced, had a great ballet and played various instruments. Each played 1.5 hours. Worth every penny.

“Antonio was the one to open doors for us in the United States and in Latin America with his great show,” said Vincente Fernández, another well-known ranchera singer. (Source: www.nytimes.com www.nytimes.com))But he never stopped working as a musician. He was the first Mexican singer to mix his concerts with a traditional rodeo show, known in Mexico as a charrería, which features dancing horses, lavish costumes and cowboy stunts. He toured with his wife, the singer Flor Silvestre, and their sons, Pepe and Antonio Jr., both musicians. (Source:

Antonio Aguilar He is the highest representative of Aguilar dynasty, a legacy compiled and worked on by his son Bibi, who followed in his footsteps with a talent for singing. But, as today, Aguilar does not only attract attention to talent. (Source: amicohoops.net)

How did Antonio Aguilar and Pedro Infante sing together? The artists are two representative figures of Mexican music and performance, respectively. But not many knew that at some point, they came together to present a unique show that was recorded on YouTube for posterity. the father Baby Aguilar I spent an unforgettable moment with the great representative of the Golden Cinema of Mexico.

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