Altovise Davis OR

Altovise Davis OR

Altovise Davis


After modeling for about 5 years and attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Fashion Design, altovise davis decided to finally pursue her passion for illustration. She has been illustrating in the fashion industry for about a year and has been published in Vogue and Marie Claire.


Altovise Davis was an American dancer and actress, best recognized as the third wife of the legendary American showman Sammy Davis Jr. She performed as a chorus-line dancer in many musical shows on Broadway and in London. During the course of her career, the diva featured in guest roles on many popular television series, including ‘CHiPs’ and ‘Charlie's Angels’. She also portrayed minor roles in different films like ‘Can't Stop the Music’, ‘Boardwalk’, ‘Kingdom of the Spiders’ and ‘Welcome to Arrow Beach’. Altovise met Sammy while she was performing in a Broadway show, and they hit it off right away. Eventually, Altovise became the lead singer-dancer of a nightclub show created by Sammy. They had a thriving married life of over two decades before Sammy succumbed to throat cancer. Together, they adopted a son named Manny. Altovise got embroiled in tax problems after Sammy’s death. Although she settled it in 1997, her name still featured in the list of top 250 delinquent taxpayers of California Franchise Tax Board in 2008. In the following year, she succumbed to complications from a stroke. (S

During the late 1960’s she won an audition to play the role of Sammy Davis Jr.’s wife in the London production of “Golden Boy”. Gore also worked as a chorus-line dancer in various musical shows both in London and Broadway theaters and Davis’ principal dancer in his European and American Tours. Her relationship with Sammy Davis, Jr. started in 1968 while they were both working in the same show. The two were married in 1970 by Rev. Jesse Jackson. During the 1970s and early 80’s she made guest appearances on TV series Charlie’s Angels and Chips. (Source: blackthen.com)




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