All the Queen's Men OR

All the Queen's Men OR

All the Queen's Men


In Shakespeare's late-sixteenth and early-seventeenth-century plays, the roles of women are changing: some queens and elite women have access to power, while others are trapped by it. Behind these changing roles are changing power dynamics and new ways of socializing.


I am so proud to see Tyler Perry stretch himself and do something out of the norm, along with giving black actors and actresses a chance to show their talents. I want him to cast me as Eva's mom since I know her from her time spent on ANTM, and when she lived at Museum towers by Centennial Park. Proud of her taking her acting serious. I have some good ideas Tyler Perry, contact me. =) I would give this 100 stars if I could. I called everyone I could and told them to watch the show. LOVED IT. EXCLUSIVE: BET+ has revealed the cast for its male exotic dancer series All The Queen’s Men, based off Christian Keye’s book, Ladies Night, from Tyler Perry Studios. Eva Marcille, Skyh Alvester Black and Candace Maxwell are among the cast members who will bring Club Eden, the fictional home to the hottest and most sensual male exotic dancers in the country, to life. Raquel Palmer, Michael ‘Bolo’ Bolwaire, Keith Swift, Dion Rome, Jeremy Williams and Keyes round out the cast. (Source:

Created by Keyes, who writes for and appears in the series, All The Queen’s Men is one of the first shows from Tyler Perry Studios’ scripted development arm, Pitch Black Development LLC, Headed by the studio’s President of Production & Development, Michelle Sneed. The series received an episode order increase by BET+ from eight half-hour episodes to ten one-hour episodes with additional filming set to begin later this month at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. (Source: deadline.com)





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