About actress Mignon Von

About actress Mignon Von

mignon von

Mignon Von

Mignon Von is a classically trained actress who landed a role in a new television show. She knows the importance of a strong foundation when your career is in flux and plans on developing a unique beauty brand, a luxury package line, and a movie that coincides with her conceptualization of luxury. As her professional profile starts to expand, she wants to promote herself to develop mutually beneficial partnerships to explore new distribution channels.

Mignon Von is a piece of the exceptionally expected parody dramatization Sistas. The third period of the TV show debuted on June 9, 2021, on BET. Von depicts the person Daniella “Danni” King. She is youthful and rough on a basic level and fills in as a carrier manager in the show. (Source: www.tvguidetime.com)


Life is a song that is meant to be sung. That is how Mignon von writes, performs and records her sound art compositions. The artist's inspiration and goal is to build new sound worlds that are transformed through physical and digital means. Mignon's work is marked by her enthusiasm for life, humor, and tenacity. She creates compelling sound art that delights and educates through the sounds of the past evolving into a variety of new worlds.

“I wanted to act my whole existence,” Mignon stated as she reflected on her journey to Tyler Perry’s production. She said, “I hustled like everyone else, and I got really scrappy—when it came to the show.” She explained that she planted her flag in this role, and she was determined to claim her position. It is almost unheard of to land a recurring role as an unrepresented actor, as Mignon explained what led her to the grit needed to secure this audition. (Source: lasentinel.net)


Mignon Von is a Sistas member who organizes family with her husband and two kids in a small city near DC, Maryland. When she's not chasing around a two-year-old or waiting for a feed, Mignon Von enjoys working on her photography and writing for the Sistas. They're currently welcoming new members. If you would like to join in on the family fun as a member, come check us out!

“Sistas” focuses on friendship, each character brings a sense of warmth to their kinship. Danni (Mignon), brings laughter and boldness to the group. In one of the episodes, she is seen holding two margaritas while “stirring the pot,” pressuring Sabrina (played by Novi Brown) to share what is going on in her relation. The four main characters Perry created, represent a different saturation of personalities found in every woman. (Source: lasentinel.net)


Throughout her entity, Mignon has always been different from her peers. She always felt most comfortable in her creative world acting, singing, and writing. Spending time as a child on a farm brought out an inner voice of creativity, one that paralleled the whims of nature. Her interest in art and music further drove her to explore her natural world and connected her with herself and her surroundings. At the age of 15, Mignon knew she wanted to be an actress.

Mira Grant said that there is nothing in this world as pure as the love of a good dog, and most celebrities know that through experience. Stars like Hillary Duff and Jenny Slate do not mind sharing how much they adore their pets on their social media accounts. Mignon is also a dog lover, as can be seen from her Instagram post, where she is flaunting her white puppy. (Source: tvovermind.com)


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