A Where to Get Ps5

A Where to Get Ps5

Where to Get Ps5:


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We've been monitoring stock drops since before the console launched last November, and come with tips and tricks to understanding what's happening and where. While it's tempting to look at eBay or other second-hand options, we would heavily recommend sticking to these tried and tested stores. Scalpers are charging extortionate prices for the consoles they've managed to snap away from consumers over the last few months, and with more PS5 restocks on the way it's just not worth paying double the price today.

The Currys website has been one of the best in the UK as far as bricks and mortar stores adapting to online go and it's been a regular on our PS5 restock updates alerts over the last few months. It often gives people a heads-up on when the next chance to buy a PS5 online will be, although we're not massive fans of having to join a digital queue on the busier days (get yourself signed in and everything in advance folks next time stock is coming), we'll keep you updated here next time that's announced too. Currys has also just launched an online PS5 ballot system for a chance to buy one in person, so that's a hat more than worth throwing your name into if you're tired of the search. (Source: www.gamesradar.com)


Scan had one of the weirdest PS5 restocks we’ve ever seen on 10 September. It made a console bundle, which included a PS5 digital edition bundle with two dualsense controllers, a charging station and a pulse 3D wireless headset for £534.98 (Scan.co.uk), available to buy through its live chat system. Maybe this is the latest way retailers are trying to stop scalpers from stealing all the consoles.

www.independent.co.uk)One of our favourite games of 2021 can be bought with a whopping 50 per cent discount in PlayStation’s holiday sale right now. “Deathloop is a freestyle assassination game with a Groundhog Day style time-warping mechanic. You’re trapped on a mysterious island, and doomed to repeat the same 24 hours over and over again until you can figure out a way to kill eight VIPs before the stroke of midnight,” our writer summarises in their review. “Engrossing, beautifully designed and full of character, Deathloop is truly the PS5’s first great exclusive.” (Source:





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