A Vincent Herbert

A Vincent Herbert

Vincent Herbert:


Vincent Herbert is a senior vice president at Faketribe and a co-author of “The Future of Story” and the “Creative Brief” reports. He was previously Artistic Director of TEDxYouth.


Herbert, who also seems to be getting slightly upset, tells Braxton “Don’t do that.” Braxton proceeds to tell the record producer “I kissed David in front of him.” Although it becomes hard to hear Herbert, he is heard replying “that’s because you were all the way in with that. I don’t know if I’m all the way in just yet.” Braxton responded, “She don’t know you ain’t all the way,” referring to the mystery woman she believes Herbert has kissed and implying that he is not being honest with her either. The live segment ends with Vince saying the woman he’s involved with knows that “sometimes I like her and sometimes I don’t.”

Vincent Herbert is a man of immense talent. He was born in 1969, in Newark, New Jersey. Herbert is 48 years old currently. Herbert is called by his nickname "Vinnyherb". He is a famous songwriter, record producer, record executive and also is the founder of the 'Streamline' records. He creates music for various artists in genres like soul, pop and R&B. He has also worked with artists like Aailyah, Tatyana Ali, Destinee & Paris, Toni Braxton, Destiny's Child, Dream, JoJo, Mindless Behavior, Hi-Five, Lady Gaga and his wife, Tamar Braxton. He is also a TV Star after his appearance in the WE TV reality show, 'Tamar & Vince'. The reality show 'Tamar & Vince' is a spin-off from his wife's family's reality show, 'Braxton Family Values'. Herbert is also the manager of his wife's singing career and he produced her second studio album called 'Love and War'. Herbert Vincent, the songwriter has a net worth of $10 million and his net worth is growing steadily owing to his talent and passion in music. Many artists crave for a chance to work with the talented Herbert. Since a young age, he pursued his career in the creation of music. His parents passed away when he was still a teenager and sometime later, he lost his brother too. Recalling his teenage tragedy, he once said, “Losing my mom at 13, losing my dad a couple of days later, and then burying my brother a few years later. You just really realize what life really means.” (Source: pandagossips.com)




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