A Tamala Jones

A Tamala Jones

Tamala Jones


Tamala Jones, best known for her work on HBO's "The Wire," distinguishes herself with a robust singing career, transcending the boundaries of genre. She is the founder of Tamala Jones Inc., the parent company to her record label, development studio and events company. Tamala Jones is the first African-American female artist inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for her contributions to rock and roll.


is an American actress. She is known for her roles in films such as Booty Call, The Wood, Kingdom Come, The Brothers, and What Men Want. Her prominent television roles include Tina, a recurring character on Veronica's Closet; Bobbi Seawright on For Your Love; and Lanie Parish on the ABC crime drama Castle.

Her film credits include Booty Call, The Wood, Kingdom Come and What Men Want. She has a small role in the film Up in the Air. (Source: en.wikipedia.org However, it is her work in beloved feature films like "The Wood," "The Brothers," "Next Friday," "Booty Call," and "Blue Streak" playing everything from Martin Lawrence's love interest to Ice Cube's nemesis that earns Jones' sex symbol status. In consecutive years, Black Men Magazine names her one of its 10 Sexiest Women of the Year and in 2004 Jones scores a spot on Maxim Magazine's coveted Hot 100 List. In 2011, Maxim Magazine again features Jones in its popular celebrity photo layout, "Today's Girl," cementing her as one of Hollywood's enduring beauties. (Source:abc.com))

An actor in demand, Jones film resume includes the teen comedy "Can't Hardly Wait," the musical drama "Turn It Up," "The Ladies Man," "Daddy Day Camp," "Kingdom Come" and "Head of State" starring opposite Chris Rock and Bernie Mac. Jones portrayed one of the women being schooled in the management of men by Vivica A. Fox's savvy but stumped character in the now iconic comedy, "Two Can Play That Game," and in "On the Line" she had a turn as an ambitious and controlling advertising executive who clashes with the idealistic hero, portrayed by *NSYNC's Lance Bass. In late 2009, Jones landed a role in the Oscar-nominated feature "Up in the Air," with George Clooney. (Source: abc.com)

A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear men's thoughts. (Source: www.bing.com "The Brothers" traces the journey of four African-American men as they take on love, sex, friendship and two of life's most terrifying prospects honesty and commitment. Smart, successful and sexy, Jackson Smith, Brian Palmer, Derrick West and Terry White are "The Brothers" lifelong friends banded together to weather love's innate terrors and occasional triumphs in this brazenly comic yet painfully true exploration of the battle between the sexes. Amidst the career track, basketball and bar hopping, "The Brothers" love women, as many as possible, but shocking revelation tests the foursome's friendship and changes their dating habits forever. (Source:www.bing.com))

JAG (U.S. military acronym for Judge Advocate General) is an American legal drama television series with a U.S. Navy theme, created by Donald P. Bellisario, and produced by Belisarius Productions in association with Paramount Network Television (now CBS Television Studios). The series was originally aired on NBC for one season from September 23, 1995, to May 22, 1996, and then on CBS for an additional nine seasons from January 3, 1997, to April 29, 2005. The first season was co-produced with NBC Productions (now Universal Television) and was originally perceived as a Top Gun meets A Few Good Men hybrid series. (Source: www.bing.com)


Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to megascoop@tvguide.com or tweet them to @adambryant or @NatalieAbrams. I can't believe I have to wait all summer for more Castle. Is there any way Beckett will turn down Castle's proposal? — Lauren ADAM: Depends on who you ask. Cast member Tamala Jones thinks that Beckett's desire for career advancement in Washington, D.C., could outweigh her feelings for Castle. "Beckett is a strong woman, and she's not going to forget who she is," she says. "So she may say no — or not right now." Susan Sullivan, who plays Castle's mother, has a different take. "What woman in her right mind would say no to him?" she says. "Therein would lie the problem: I may actually have to move out. Yikes!" Do you have any scoop on Laurel and Oliver next season on Arrow? —Jim NATALIE: Here's some Laurel scoop from executive producer Marc Guggenheim that may involve Oliver:


Her first acting role was a guest appearance on the teen sitcom California Dreams. This led to a role as a student in the short-lived ABC drama Dangerous Minds. Jones had co-starring roles on the 1998–2002 series For Your Love and the short-lived The Tracy Morgan Show. She had a recurring role as Tonya, an old girlfriend of Flex's (seasons one and five) on One on One. She guest-starred on other television series, including The Parent 'Hood, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Veronica's Closet, My Name Is Earl, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, and Malcolm & Eddie.



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