A Short Box Braids

A Short Box Braids

Short Box Braids:


A quick, easy and stylish way to get your hair how you want without heat and without too much fuss.


Nineties style seems to be ever-enduring. From slip dresses and oversize blazers to pixie cuts and brown lipstick, it’s almost as if we never left the decade. Bob braids are no exception. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowing braids down to my butt. But there’s something so chic about a bobbed box braids look that makes me want to call up my stylist ASAP. And with Moesha back on Netflix, I’ve never had so much box braid style inspiration.

You can do short box braids with or without added hair. The length can range from the classic chin-length bob, or slightly shorter or longer. If you’re adding hair, Kanekalon hair is a great choice for box braids because it provides a smooth finish. However, you can also use acrylic yarn; this is a particularly good choice if you want your braids to be a bright color. If you add braiding hair, make sure the braids are at least an inch or two longer than your natural hair so that you’ll be able to burn the ends to seal them. If you’re braiding your own hair, you can use ouchless rubber bands to secure the ends. Adding beads to the ends of your braids is a great way to add some flair. Here are 35 gorgeous ways to wear short box braids. Who says you can’t style your short hair into a sweet updo? Short hair can be just as versatile as long hair, and it is easy to create new and unusual styles from your short box braid bob. This is a great example: twist your braids onto the top of your head to create double buns for a sweet and playful style. (Source: hairstylecamp.com)



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