A Sheletta Chapital

A Sheletta Chapital

Sheletta Chapital:

Sheletta Chapital talks to Young Entrepreneur subscribers about the inspiration behind their first publishing house:


In the past, Mackie has teased that he likes to believe his onscreen Marvel alter ego was secretly in love with his fellow Avenger, Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson), but what about his real-life romances? The actor has kept his love life under wraps throughout his fame. But it turns out that Mackie has only had one so-called "Falconette" in his life: childhood crush Sheletta Chapital. In 2014, Mackie revealed on The Queen Latifah Show that he's been in love with Chapital since the age of 7. "So I walk in, and I look, and I see this little girl with these ratty pigtails and skinny legs, and I was like, 'Wow!'" the actor said of their adorable meet-cute. He also jokingly said, "She used to beat me up for my lunch money in second grade."

Sheletta Chapital is the wife of American actor Anthony Mackie. Anthony is known for his performance as ‘Falcon’ in movies of the ‘Marvel’ franchise. He has also appeared in the ‘Academy Award’-winning film ‘Hurt Locker.’ Despite being a celebrity wife, Sheletta prefers staying away from the media spotlight. Due to this, most of the details about her personal life are shrouded in mystery. Sheletta first came under the media radar after her actor husband confirmed the news of their marriage. He eventually spilled the beans about their relationship and courtship days, after keeping the news a secret for a long time. The two had a low-key wedding ceremony attended by about 150 guests. Sheletta was Anthony's childhood sweetheart. However, they began dating officially much later. They prefer keeping their married life private and have not even revealed their children's names yet. Sheletta rarely accompanies Anthony to any public event or red carpet event. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)



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