A Scarface Rapper

A Scarface Rapper

Scarface Rapper:


Scarface is known as the architect of Detroit's gangsta rap movement in the late 1980s. His gritty and violent tales of life in the context of the drug trade and other criminal activities that have been his bread and butter, giving him the title as the most iconic of 1-per-centers.


Rapper Scarface was born Bradley Jordan on November 9, 1970. He is originally from the South Acres neighborhood of Houston, Texas. He was an early member of the Southern rap group The Geto Boys and still maintains ties with them, though he has been a solo artist since 1991. Even if he has never scored any national hits or stormed up the Billboard charts with any of his numerous albums throughout the '90s, no one could question his clout throughout the South. He has managed to define what it meant to be a Southern thug rapper years before anyone even coined the term Dirty South. This became glaringly evident in the late '90s when a massive wave of young MCs arose from Houston, New Orleans, and Memphis emulating his style of hard-boiled, ghetto-bred, straight-up hardcore rapping.

Although the LP does contain a bevy of guest appearances and a couple tracks that feature Interface recording artists - such as the hilarious track "Boo Booin" by Devin of the FaceMob and the incomparable Odd Squad - Scarface stresses that this is not a compilation album, but rather an album of raw uncut duets and posse cuts aimed to please die-hard Scarface fans who have been supporting him and the Rap-A-Lot family from day one. It is definately an album designed strictly for the underground - the weak and faint of hearted need not apply for this LP. The lead single, "Homies and Thugs," teams up with longtime friend and rapper Master P and the late great Tupac Shakur, kicking a fierce anthem celebrating the true brothers and sisters who struggle to survive everyday in the Ghetto. Produced by Face and Mike Dean, both the original and remixed versions of "Homies and Thugs" were destined to be hits. Again Scarface topped the R&B/Hip-Hop chart and was certified platinum for his efforts! (Source: www.hiphopscriptures.com)



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