A Rich Dollaz:

A Rich Dollaz:

Rich Dollaz:


Meet Rich Dollaz: The rapper, mogul and star of Love & Hip Hop fame


I started off at Bad Boy as an intern in 2002. I’m from New York. I went to college in Nashville, Tennessee. I left Nashville and went to Atlanta to work in a hotel for a year. One of my frat brothers called me up and told me that Puff was looking for some help up here in New York. I had done some stuff at Bad Boy during the summertime while interning. I came up there looking for a gig. Next thing you know Shawn Prez [VP of Promotions at Bad Boy Records] put me on and Harve Pierre [President of Bad Boy Entertainment] put me on and before you know it I was working at Bad Boy that summer and then I was hired by that fall. My first project was the “Making the Band” project with Chopper and Babs and the rest of them. Then I was in the promo and marketing department at Bad Boy. I met Ryan Leslie. He was with Bad Boy Hitmen. At the time, me and Ryan started connecting and he was trying to do his artistry thing. He had management through Tommy Mottola at Casablanca Records. They put me on and I started going out with Ryan. He had a girlfriend at the time. Her name was Cassie and we had a record with Cassie, and Ryan said that he thought it was a smash. Working at Bad Boy at that time was when we had Young Jeezy and Boys N Da Hood, Young Joc, Da Band, G-Dep, and Loon. We put out the Cassie record (“Me & U”) independently and then Ryan also produced and wrote a record for Cheri Dennis called “I Love You” and we released that record independently and Ryan had pressed up the wax and that’s kind of what made Richie Dollaz due to the fact that those records did so well radio-wise and I worked them by myself independently before Cassie even got signed to Bad Boy and when nobody was evening paying attention to Cheri. So my goal was to never fuck with the artists that were there. My goal was to make my own artists.

That was a byproduct of me managing Olivia and doing what we needed to do in trying to get her reinvented and reexposed to the world in a different light than what she was at G-Unit. We are shooting Season 3 of the show now. I obviously don’t have much contact with Cassie anymore. I still work with Cory. I still work with Ryan. I just found Cheri Dennis about a month ago. We might try to figure something out. Olivia has a deal now with Jerry Wonda. We have a bidding war for distribution now so that’s exciting. “Love and Hip Hop 3” comes on January 7 and you can expect an Olivia album by early February and that’s what we are shooting for. We have a record right now that we are about to put out with French Montana produced by Jerry Wonda. It’s crazy. I love working with Jerry. Now it’s just about making sure that Cory doesn’t go to jail forever. (In January, Cory Gunz was arrested in the Bronx for carrying a loaded firearm.) (Source: thelaunchmagazine.com)


Spoilers ahead for Catfish Season 7, Episode 21. Remember when Keyonnah recruited Nev and Max to help her meet who she thought was Lil Bow Wow, only for it to be the work of a catfish? How about when Spencer insisted that, for six years, he was chatting with Katy Perry? Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones who fell victim to a celebrity bait-and-switch. In the Dec. 12 episode of Catfish, Nev and guest co-host Nick Young cracked the case of Sheila and Love & Hip Hop's Rich Dollaz. The surprising part? She was corresponding with his verified Instagram account the whole time, it just wasn't Dollaz she was talking to. So, where are Sheila and Rich Dollaz now? Sadly, she won't be appearing on LHH any time soon, but that doesn't mean she'll stop watching.

Dollz spent eight years working at Bad Boy Records, where he helped launch and manage the careers of musicians such as Cassie, Yung Jok, and Gorilla Zoe. While at the label, Rich was instrumental in shaping Cassie’s early success. After leaving Bad Boy, Dollz was hired to serve as head of radio promotion at Universal Music. In 2009, she launched Dolls Unlimited, which represents “Love & Hip Hop: New York” artists Erica Mena and Olivia Longott. The dolls have also helped lead acts such as R-Less, Danity Kane, Corey Gunz and Cheri Dennis. (Source: filmdhamaka.in)


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