A Nfl Games on Thanksgiving

A Nfl Games on Thanksgiving

Nfl Games on Thanksgiving:


Virtually every US sport is showing games on the big day from Las Vegas Doubleheader


Since its inception in 1920, the National Football League (NFL) has played games on Thanksgiving Day, patterned upon the historic playing of college football games on and around the Thanksgiving holiday. The NFL's Thanksgiving Day games have traditionally included one game hosted by the Detroit Lions since 1934, and one game hosted by the Dallas Cowboys since 1966 (with two exceptions in 1975 and 1977). Since 2006, a third prime time game has also been played on Thanksgiving. Unlike the afternoon games, this game has no fixed host and features different teams annually; the prime time game has been contested mostly (but not exclusively) by division rivals since 2012.

2012: The prime time contest became infamous for the "Butt fumble", an incident in which Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran headfirst into the buttocks of his own offensive lineman. He subsequently fumbled the ball; it was recovered by New England, who returned it for a touchdown. In the earlier game, one of the NFL's most infamous rule changes came when former Lions coach Jim Schwartz challenged a play in which Texans running back Justin Forsett's knee clearly touched the ground before sprinting for an 81-yard touchdown. Referee Walt Coleman stated that, by rule, scoring plays are automatically reviewed and the play was not challengeable by a coach. Because of the improperly attempted challenge, the review was cancelled and Coleman assessed a 15-yard kickoff penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. The NFL then passed a new rule that stated that if a coach attempted to challenge a play that is automatically reviewed, the review would continue. It was called the 'Jim Schwartz rule'. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


The Raiders (5-5), once considered one of the N.F.L.’s top teams, have nose-dived, losing three straight games as other controversies engulfed them. Weeks after Jon Gruden resigned as head coach in October after The New York Times reported on racist and homophobic emails he sent before joining the team, the Raiders released their 2020 first-round draft picks, Henry Ruggs III and Damon Arnette, for separate off-field incidents.

The Bills (6-4) were once thought to be Super Bowl contenders who were building on last season, when they appeared in their first A.F.C. championship game since the 1993 season. Buffalo can still be one of the better teams in the conference, but it has lost two of its last three games to inferior opponents, and ceded the A.F.C. East division lead to the New England Patriots. Losing to the Colts last week pointed out the Bills’ concerning problems with penalties, risky decisions by quarterback Josh Allen, and a top-ranked defense that atypically gave up 264 rushing yards. (Source: www.nytimes.com)



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