A Miss Teen Usa 2019

A Miss Teen Usa 2019

Miss Teen Usa 2019:


With over 200 contestants from every state of America admiting to the competition, a competitor’s goal was to not only be the first to win a Miss Teen USA title but to win it handily.


Somehow, though, everything seems to click perfectly when this trio is together. Take, for example, the photoshoot for this story across various neighborhoods in New York, meant to capture Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA sans tiaras, enjoying a day of normalcy despite their beauty queen statuses. First, there is the moment a pair of elderly girlfriends stop Franklin on the street to thank her for making brown-skinned women like them feel beautiful. Next, a fluffy golden teacup poodle wanders up to Kryst for a snuggle that is just too adorable not to capture. And finally, there is the 13-year-old Black girl who watches the threesome wide-eyed before her mother encourages her to ask Garris for a photo. As the four of them snap a half dozen selfies, our photographer captures that moment, and the entire afternoon feels like the stuff of photoshoot dreams.

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Garris learned how to embrace her natural hair years prior to competing in Miss Teen USA. In the past, she wanted nothing more than to fit in. Garris elaborates, “I started getting keratin treatments in my hair because my mom had long blond straight hair and I wanted to be exactly like her.” Eventually, it was her friends who gave her the push she needed to cut her hair and truly start being herself. Now, Garris doesn’t hesitate to boast about her natural hair. “Personally, I love my curly hair. It makes me feel just completely myself and it's very me. I love being big. So it's just something that I've really grown into myself,” she tells Brut.

As a Black woman interviewing three Black women—all successful beyond measure in their own rights, even without the sashes and tiaras—I have to ask if they ever wish the focus was more on them individually, less on their collective status as Firsts. While all three admit they'd love if there was a bit more spotlight on their talents and individual missions rather than the color of their skin, they reiterate that they’ll never tire of talking about it. For them, it means celebrating how far we’ve come—while also acknowledging how much further we have left to go. (Source: www.oprahdaily.com)


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