A Mediatakeout

A Mediatakeout


Mediatakeout is brought to you by the same team that founded and launched Simply Hired in 2009 and has covered key milestones in how technology has influenced the workforce. We bring our decades of combined experience in tech to make sense of the always-evolving market of the workforce.


The Celebrity News industry is an estimated $3 billion industry and is nested under the larger category of news and media . Historically, the print publications, such as People and US Magazine, dominated the industry’s market share. However, as the internet age evolved and self-publication through blogging grew, the industry shifted and gave rise to hyper-speed celebrity coverage. This ushered in a new generation of celebrity gossip that was online and focused on breaking stories in hyper-speed. Websites such as TMZ and Perez Hilton emerged as leaders by generating enormous web traffic, which translated into advertising dollars.

For a second it feels like reality itself has taken on MediaTakeout-style random ellipses and inexplicable capital letters: "Fred Mwangaguhunga... Whose Business Is Trafficking In The WORST REPRESENTATIONS OF BLACK CULTURE... Just Got SERVED By His Own HATE-FILLED Creation!!! (Pics And Details)." The way this guy at the cigar bar, with the death’s-head decanter and the stogie clenched between his teeth, seems to know exactly one thing about black celebrities, which is that when they’re not shooting each other they’re beating up their girlfriends—Fred arguably bears some responsibility for the way in which this gentleman is misinformed. Last year, in a nationally televised interview on BET, network personality T. J. Holmes suggested to Fred that as one of the very few African-American-owned media companies on the planet, MediaTakeout should work harder to present black people in a positive light, lest this exact thing happen—that the tongue-in-cheek, not entirely serious MTO worldview might emanate out into the larger culture and return to haunt its author, not to mention all the other black folks who have to live on this planet. (Source: www.gq.com)


This was around 2006. "We had been advertising on a bunch of blogs, and I saw how big they got. So when I sold the business, I was like, what do I do with that?" The original plan was to just rip off the Drudge Report: a collection of links that would go to various stories about sports, hard news, entertainment. The plan did not work. But the links to stories about African-Americans, for whatever reason, were failing less than the others were.I ask him how it feels to be written about the way MediaTakeout writes about other people, and he immediately knows what I’m referring to, an insinuating blog post on a rival site called Diary of a Hollywood Street King. "That’s the one that said I was gay, and I went to some wild gay parties, right?"

I can't even read your site because of the redirecting ads. This is the worst site I've ever been on. Everyone wants to read urban blogs but I can't even read the first story because of ads popping up and changing my page. You guys really do suck. Huge thumbs down. (Source: www.sitejabber.com)


After reading for a while, you get the rhythm of it—it’s maybe one-sixteenth news and fifteen-sixteenths entertainment, more fun-house filter than reliable source. The in-vogue bit of slang ratchet—gleefully irresponsible, more than a little wild—was basically invented to describe MediaTakeout. The site, which updates just once a day, true to tabloid form, is alternately funny, outlandish, vulgar, bullying, and surreal; usually it’s most of those things at the same time. MTO’s writers (there are five, including Fred, none with traditional training in journalism) are virtuosos of the caps-lock button, geniuses of ellipses, masters of the end-parenthetical: "We Have CLOSE UP PICS... Of The Woman That Rick Ross Was In The CAR WITH... When He Got SHOT UP!! (Cute Girl)." There are days when it feels like the site gets as much mileage out of grammar and punctuation as it does from real people and what they do in the real world. There are also days when MediaTakeout doesn’t seem to be describing the real world at all.

But MTO has also inaccurately claimed "exclusives" on everything from suggestions that Beyoncé was faking her pregnancy (until she gave birth) to Lil Wayne’s decision to cut off his dreadlocks (until another photo showed that the dreads were very much still there). In June, the site proudly proclaimed a "WORLD SUPER MEGA EXCLUSIVE" on the name of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s newly born child, Kaidence Donda West, and then, a few days later, quietly "updated" the post to reflect the baby’s actual name, which was and remains North. Other MTO stories seem essentially unverifiable but equally improbable: "Beyonce Is Linked To Ray Lewis STEROID SCANDAL... And We’ve Got AIRTIGHT Evidence That Bey’s ON THE JUICE!!!" (Source: www.gq.com)


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