A Marcy Wudarski:

A Marcy Wudarski:

Marcy Wudarski:


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After marrying James Gandolfini, Marcy Wudarski became a well-known wife. They married in a private ceremony in March 1999. Neither party, however, had specified when or how their relationship or affairs began. Marcy and her husband James had a son named Michael Gandolfini after that. The son of the former couple was born on May 10, 1999. Michael, her son, is currently an American actor who has only recently started his career in the entertainment industry.Marcy Wudarski’s ex-husband James Gandolfini was an American actor and producer well-known for Tony Soprano, the Italian-American crime lord in HBO’s television series The Sopranos. Three Screen Actors Guild Awards, three Emmy Awards, and one Golden Globe Award were also bestowed. Her ex-husband has done projects such as Crimson Tide (1995), Virgil in True Romance (1993), The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009), The Last Castle (2001), and many others. He also produced Hemingway & Gellhorn, a television film, in 2012.

The Sopranos actor James Gandolfini earned a reputation in Hollywood as an acting genius. But the star seemingly wasn't as successful in his personal life, at least when it came to his first marriage to Marcy Wudarski, who alleged that he struggled with drugs and alcohol throughout their marriage. Author Brett Martin detailed these alleged issues in his 2013 book, Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution, writing, "Gandolfini's wife described increasingly serious issues with drugs and alcohol, as well as arguments during which the actor would repeatedly punch himself in the face out of frustration." (Source: www.nickiswift.com)


Marcy Wudarski is a film producer by profession but there is no further detail about her career. She has a net worth of over $2 million after her divorce settlement. However, Marcy is living a luxurious life in her West Village duplex. It was the apartment she and her ex-husband, James used to live in. James left his $70 million property to their son, Michael, and James’s sister. Marcy is currently living with her son who is a multi-millionaire in West Village.

The net worth of Marcy’s husband, James Gondilfini was around $70 million at the time of his demise. He earned this hefty amount of money through his successful career as an actor. To date, James has performed in the many HBO hit TV series such as The Sopranos, Gun, Wartorn: 1861-2010, and many others. (Source: favebites.com)


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