A Madea Farewell Play:

A Madea Farewell Play:

Madea Farewell Play:


If the name "Madea" and her immense popularity has left you scratching your head, we get it. In 2017, with a stand-up career in grasp, Mo'Nique is heading to Park City, Utah to work on her new talk show, selling out theaters while she's there and even scoring the first-ever one-woman show run at the renowned Lincoln Center.


I got to be honest, this won’t good. Same redundant & recycled storylines of some man cheating but this time it was done poorly. This play was extremely predictable and it won’t as funny. Something is off about this play. The quality of Tyler Perry movies, plays and shows have been went down hill. He stopped making Christian faith based plays long time ago. Jesus is not in the center of his work anymore which is why the content is more vulgar. His work no longer has a plot with substance or proper closures. The endings to his other works such as If loving you is wrong & For better or worse did not have proper endings. It’s like he got writers block, but proceeds on to produce low quality work. He feels that his audience will accept anything and does not want creative or quality content. Again, Tyler Perry plays & movies have been going down hill years ago. I thought since this was his last play, I would check it out. Big mistake and just like the rest of his material, I just couldn’t finish it. The early plays were good and his first movies were too. After Madea goes to jail (the play) It hasn’t been the same. The Halloween Boos were horrible, Witness protection, Acrimony, Fall from Grace, Madea’s Christmas, Madea’s big happy family (the movie) Nobody’s Fool, HAHN’s which plot is going no where which consist of profanity and constant whore monging, the sistas which is a low key remake of girlfriends; it’s just too many to name. Thank goodness this is last play. Didn’t know he was going out like this. Hopefully he will reconnect with Christ and stop making this borderline rated R content. My spirit doesn’t do filth. I’m still happy for the success and things he has achieved. I pray for better quality, although I don’t think that he wants better.

Seeing the cast have such a good time on stage enhances their chemistry as they play off of one another’s energy, and makes for an even better experience for the audience. There are a few moments where Tyler Perry himself breaks character, and it doesn’t detract from the show in the least - it supports it! We get to see him in tears over his own jokes an

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