A Liane V

A Liane V

Liane V


Liane Valenzuela is versatile and creative, active across a variety of social media platforms. She has achieved phenomenal popularity on Musical.ly (now known as TikTok) and Vine, with over 7 million and 4.6 million followers respectively. She is deeply interested in music and fashion. She is always stylish and elegant in her dress and presentation. At the same time she is also a fitness enthusiast and was an athlete at school. She loves to travel, exploring different cultures and cuisines. She is a motivational and insightful commentator on social media. She has taken part in a number of beauty pageants. She has a very confident and articulate personality on camera, and has hosted a number of well known events including ‘The Voice’, ‘X-Factor’ and ‘American Idol.


Liane Valenzuela has been extremely active on social media including YouTube from the very beginning of her career. She was initially signed by the production company Brand X. She attained swift and lasting popularity on Vine, with a dedicated fan base and followers. She has a range of interests and her videos are varied. She showcases vignettes of her life, including her family life in her Vine videos. These express her warmth and sociability. She has collaborated with a number of Vine stars, and her videos combine her interest in music with her creative expression as a Vine content creator. She has appeared in music videos for artists like Tyga and The Far Eastern Movement. She has also created fitness videos like ‘Workout with Liane’ V (2014).

Liane Valenzuela brings youthfulness, energy and enthusiasm to all the content that she creates. Her interest in music, fashion and youth is given creative expression in her videos. She is also quite humorous and energetic in her videos and skits. She appeals to a variety of viewers and incorporates demographically varied cultural and artistic expression into her works. She is always inventive, sporty and fashionable. Her work also expresses the viewpoint of the youth and women, and carries a message of hope and self confidence. She portrays the youth from a feminine standpoint as well, part of a young, confident and creative group of Vine and social media content creators. She invites viewers into her life, concerns and relationships and thus establishes a new form of social life and networking, unique to her generation. Liane V (whose last name is Valenzuela) credits the six-second video for her rise to social media stardom, a nine-year struggle resulting in more than 12 million social media followers, multi-figure deals with brands like Target and G by Guess, and the ability to put her parents into retirement. “One of my biggest goals in life was to have them stop working and to take care of them,” Valenzuela says. (Source: stylecaster.com)



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