A Lebron James Wallpaper

A Lebron James Wallpaper

Lebron James Wallpaper:


It never gets old! And who can honestly say they haven’t seen at least a few different versions of this yet?


As we are sitting at home, self-isolating, there is a whole NBA post-season being held in the so-called “bubble” in Florida. If you are a real NBA fan, by now you are probably aware that we are going to have a Finals battle between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. And, while this is a big deal since we’ve gotten used to seeing the Golden State Warriors be one of the contenders, there is a larger story. And, that, of course, is LeBron James – arguably the best player in the world. He keeps making history by making his 10th Finals appearance at 35 years old. So, pick out a LeBron James wallpaper from our photo gallery to celebrate the career and achievements of the NBA’s star player. We have gathered the best backgrounds for both your phone and your desktop computer’s screen so start browsing.

After going back to Cleveland James wasted no time and took the team to the NBA Finals. Facing the Golden State Warriors, led by the MVP Stephen Curry, the Cavaliers lost the series in six games. That, however, was just the beginning of a rivalry that would span four years. After losing in 2015, the Cavs and Warriors were once again the contenders for the title in 2016. This time James had the help of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. After the Warriors led the series 3-1, the LeBron led Cavs came back strong and became the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the Finals, winning the title in 7 seven games. Naturally, James was named the unanimous Finals MVP. The rivalry continued in 2017 when the Warriors defeated the Cavs in 5 games and in 2018 when the Cavaliers were swept by the Warriors. (Source: archziner.com)



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