A Larry Hoover Jr

A Larry Hoover Jr

Larry Hoover Jr:


Larry Hoover Jr is a seasoned small business coach who is committed to empowering the thoughts and actions of others to go for their dreams. For the last twenty-seven years, he has served as a business consultant, author and motivational speaker.


According to Page Six, Drake’s promoter, J. Prince, apparently orchestrated the long-awaited reunion and encouraged the two to make amends. However now, it appears as though the rap titans are joining forces for an even bigger cause. Prince announced via Twitter that the artists would be performing alongside one another at a forthcoming concert in support of the infamous Larry Hoover’s release on Dec. 9. at the LA Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. Tickets for the The Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert go on sale November 22nd. According to HotnewHipHop Larry Hoover Jr. has stood along with Ye during his recent interviews. However, he recently joined the Drea O Show by himself where he shared his thoughts on the benefit show, as well as his father’s. He applauded Drake and Kanye for coming together but he explained that his father had reservations about the event. Larry Hoover Sr. is reportedly “concerned” because he can’t predict how this will ultimately affect him or his case.

Larry Hoover Jr., son of Gangster Disciples co-founder Larry Hoover, is calling on Drake and Kanye West to end their feud and come together to support the release of his father. Larry spoke with TMZ on Wednesday (Nov. 10), two days after Kanye made a similar request of Drake, asking the Certified Lover Boy crafter to join him onstage at a Larry Hoover benefit concert next month. (Source: www.revolt.tv)


In 1974, after the leader of the Black Disciples, David Barksdale, died from kidney failure by an injury due to an earlier shooting, Hoover took the reins of the Black Gangster Disciples Nation under his wing. At the time, the group had control of Chicago's South Side. Under Hoover's rule, the Black Gangster Disciples took over the South Side drug trade. While incarcerated, Hoover helped form the Folks Nation, which added other gangs such as: Black Disciples, Satan Disciples, Ambrose, Two-Two Boys, Gangster Two-Six, Simon City Royals, North Side Insane Popes, La Raza Nation, Spanish Cobras, Imperial Gangsters, Maniac Latin Disciples, Harrison Gents, Spanish Gangster Disciples and Latin Eagles. In 1989, The Black Gangster Disciples started to go against their own merger and ally, the Black Disciples, over a drug-dealing dispute in the neighborhood of Englewood, Chicago, that escalated into a shooting that killed several people. This infuriated members of BGDs and resulted in them changing their name into the "Gangster Disciples." While Hoover was incarcerated, he ran the gang's illicit drug trade both in prison and on the streets, starting from Chicago's West Side and later extending throughout the United States. By early 1993, Hoover claimed to have renounced his violent criminal past and became an urban political celebrity in Chicago. The Gangster Disciples earned fans in the community with charity events and peaceful protests. Hoover proclaimed that the initials GD had changed to mean "Growth & Development." A lengthy federal investigation using wiretaps led to Hoover getting another life sentence in 1995. Prosecutors alleged that Hoover's gang had 30,000 "soldiers" in 35 states and made $100 million a year.

While serving his life sentence, Hoover was accused earlier this year of operating the Gangster Disciples from behind bars. According to the indictment, authorities alleged that the infamous crime boss appointed two men to top ranks within the gang. The men reportedly threatened to kill anyone who challenged their authority and ultimately killed a rival gang member on the South Side of Chicago in 2018. Despite the incident, Hoover maintained his innocence. His attorney, Justin Moore, pushed back against the federal judge for the accusations. (Source: newsone.com)


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