A La Myia Good

A La Myia Good

La Myia Good:


La Myia Good's New Year's Resolution is to work harder this year and show her appreciation to her readers.


is an American singer and actress. Good is best known for her voice work in the blockbuster PlayStation 3 game Killzone 3 as the voice of Jammer and her work with R&B group Isyss. Good has appeared in numerous television shows such as Tall Hopes, Sister, Sister, The Parent 'Hood, Smart Guy, ER, The Parkers and Judging Amy. She has also appeared in films such as The Wood.

In 2001, Good along with LeTecia Harrison, Ardena Clark, and lead singer Quierra Davis-Martin formed the R&B group known as Isyss. As a group, they achieved moderate success in 2002 with their debut album, "The Way We Do", which included the Hot 100 charting singles "Day & Night" featuring rapper Jadakiss and their signature song "Single For The Rest Of My Life". During their career, they performed the theme song to the short lived BET talk show "Oh Drama" and were the spokespersons for "Got 2 B So Smooth" hair care products. They were nominated for two Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards and took home one award. Due to poor album sales, they were later dropped from Arista Records, before they could release a second album. Ardena Clark was later replaced by a new member "Love" shortly before they broke up, due to creative differences. Their only album "The Way We Do" reached # 55 on the Billboard Charts and has sold about 300,000 copies. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


La’Myia: Why can’t I be sexy in my maternity photos? I feel sexy and I feel good about my body; what’s the shame in sharing? I feel good about myself. People post stuff everyday when they feel good about themselves. I don’t understand what the shame or the embarrassment is. I work very hard to keep myself fit. And my husband loves it. It was his idea. I think there are these expectations, especially when someone is a Christian. There is an expectation about how we’re supposed to look and when we don’t meet those standards, then that’s when the comments and the backlash come in. Ultimately it’s about being true to who you are and how God uniquely made you.

“I wanted to bring something new and I wanted to elevate myself. Megan's my youngest sister but I felt like I had to sit back and she mentored me through this one," she explained. "There were a lot of tools and tips that she gave me. We rehearsed together and went over lines and had exercises and things together. I look at her with such admiration and inspiration because she really does put hard work into every single role that she does. She really takes her craft super seriously. So I really took the time to listen to her in the season and not be the big sister and truly become the student this time.” (Source: shadowandact.com)


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