A King Von Killer

A King Von Killer

King Von Killer:


Timothy Leeks was charged with the murder of Chicago Rap Artist King Von following an investigation. Timothy "Lul Tim" Leeks, 22, was given $100,000 bond, and released from Fulton County Jail on Saturday (March 27), after posting the bonds.


The bail bond amount was set at $100,000, which the young rapper reportedly posted on Friday (March 26). Police arrested Lul Tim, born Timothy Leeks, on November 7, 2020 — one day after he allegedly shot and killed King Von during an altercation between the “Armed and Dangerous” rapper’s entourage and rapper Quando Rondo’s crew. Leeks was one of three people shot that night outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta. Georgia Bureau of Investigations announced they closed Von’s murder case shortly after arresting Leeks. He spent almost two weeks in police custody at Grady Hospital, where he was treated for a gunshot wound, before he was sent to a Fulton County Jail.

"The investigation revealed that the victim was killed by, Dayvon BENNETT," the document continued. "The CCSAO reviewed the investigation and concurred that BENNETT was positively identified as the offender in the incident and felt that they would be unable to meet the burden of proof in court and formally Rejected charges...It should be noted Dayvon BENNETT was charged with First Degree Murder recorded under HX 281542 in that he shot and killed Malcolm STUCKEY (No IR) on 29 May 14." (Source: www.vladtv.com)


Von existed in the post-drill landscape of Chicago rap, indebted to first generation stars like G Herbo, Chief Keef and King Louie, but intent on carving his own stylistic aesthetics into the genre. His songs are narrative, with a dead-eye nihilism softened by the humor and empathy brought to his rhymes. One of his biggest hits, 2020's "Took Her to the O," from the album Levon James he released back in March, finds Von narrating a night on the town with a girl, constantly having to thwart haters, rival gang members and those jealous of his stardom. "I bust a U, pulled up to her spot, she live by the park / It's gettin' dark, my Glock on my lap, I'm just thinkin' smart." Few rappers are able to make songs that bring relatability to the stress, trauma and pain that comes with growing up in inner-city Chicago, a target of police and neighborhood rulers alike.

In a statement provided to NPR on Friday, APD says that "King Von was shot and killed during this morning's shooting and we are seeing rumors being spread indicating he was shot and killed by APD officers. At this time, our investigators believe Mr. Bennett was shot during the initial shootout between the two groups of males, prior to police responding and attempting to stop the shooting. Additionally, Mr. Bennett was not located at the scene, but arrived at a hospital shortly after the shooting, via private vehicle. The investigation into this incident remains open and very active." (Source: www.npr.org)


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