A Jackie Christie

A Jackie Christie

Jackie Christie


Since its debut in April 2010, VH1's "Basketball Wives" has been a hit on reality TV. The show chronicles the lives of a group of women who are romantically linked to or involved with professionals in the basketball industry. The first five seasons were filmed in Miami, Fla. In August 2011, a Los Angeles-based spinoff premiered titled "Basketball Wives: LA." After a four-year hiatus, VH1 announced the revival of the show in 2017.


If you’ve ever seen just one episode of Basketball Wives or Basketball Wives LA, then you would agree that Jackie Christie is impossible to forget. There was once a time where she was best-known for being the wife of former NBA player Doug Christie, but thanks to reality TV she has created an identity for herself. From the very first season she appeared on it became very clear that Jackie was a real character. Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit that she might just be one of the most entertaining people in reality TV. Although it’s a bit unclear whether Basketball Wives will be back for another season, Jackie’s time in the spotlight certainly isn’t over yet. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Jackie Christie.

She is married to former NBA player, Doug Christie. The show follows women who are currently in, or were formerly in relationships with professional basketball players. Jackie Christie is considered by many to be the most controversial cast member, as she is known for a tendency to be domineering and very outspoken. She has also been repeatedly accused of being a pathological liar, and various members of the cast have asked for her dismissal from the series. She is the author of five self-help/motivational books, and runs her own lifestyle and entertainment company called BSM Media. She is also the CEO of Jean Fya Records, an independent record label. Christie has an unusual method for ensuring her husband stays faithful to her. On their wedding anniversary each year, the two renew their vows. The Christies have two children in addition to Jackie's daughter from a prior relationship. The couple currently co-run their own publishing company, Infinite Love Publishing. Basketball Wives debuted in 2010 and ran until 2013 until being revived in 2017. Christie guested on the show during season two and was a main cast member starting in season six. The reality TV series Basketball Wives LA ran for five seasons and 71 episodes from 2011 to 2016 with Christie being featured as a main character the whole run. As an actress she appeared in the films Deceitful in 2013 and Lucky Girl in 2015. Christie also executive produced the movie Lucky Girl and directed and executive produced the 2015 video short Bossard Cognac: The Good Life. (Source: www.celebritynetworth.com)



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