A Hannah Brown Instagram

A Hannah Brown Instagram

Hannah Brown Instagram


Hannah Brown (@ghettowings) is a notable Instagram account that I recently discovered! With over 2 million followers, Hannah shares her life in a honest, transparent way and it's refreshing to follow.


This just in: Tyler Cameron has officially removed all photos of Hannah Brown from his Instagram profile. He hasn't deleted his tweets in support of Brown, though—it's just Instagram. What does this mean?? The two said that they were still friends after a tumultuous season (I'm still mad she picked Jed Wyatt over him, ugh). Cameron even hinted at some kind of reconciliation in October, saying, "We’re friends and I think she’s an incredible girl and I have so much love for her and I want her to be successful and have the best...I don’t know about the future. I’m just trying to worry about today and tomorrow, you know?" But apparently that's all over now? "so just watched that "apology" and the friend next to her rly threw out another friend's name and the name of Hannah's brother. like girl wth you were the ONLY visible and audible person in that video," one Twitter user wrote. "honestly sounds like her entire friend circle are comfortable w the n word." Hannah Brown found herself trending over the weekend after she said the n-word on Instagram live. The trouble began when the 25-year-old was singing along to a popular rap song which included the n-word. While Brown chose to stop herself from saying the f-word, she didn’t give the n-word the same treatment. Instead, she said it, even choosing to utilize the hard r variation of the slur.

And now is a good time to learn a little more about Miss Alabama, because in this season’s second episode, Hannah is going to go on a one-on-one date with Colton. (Fans got a sneak peek from a preview for the episode, which she conveniently re-posted to her feed.) Their date looks a bit awkward, and maybe even a bit dramatic, as Colton can be seen uttering the words no contestant wants to hear: “If Hannah can’t open up, I’m not going to be giving her a rose at the end of the night.” Knowing The Bachelor, though, this is merely misdirection to throw fans off, and Hannah will very likely end up opening up and getting that rose. (After all, she seems to make it pretty far judging by the trailer for the rest of the season.) But what does she have to open up about? Maybe her Instagram has some clues...Above all else, Hannah's post is a message of positivity, because while she admits that this last year was less than perfect for her, she's also grateful for a lot of things that happened and opting to take a page out of Elsa's book by letting it all go. "2019 you were a crazy, beautiful, tragic, magical mess. But, I’m giving you a big thankful hug and letting you go," she wrote alongside of a photo of herself standing out in a field of yellow flowers. "You brought me a lot of love, some pain, and so many incredible moments that I’ll forever be grateful for experiencing. You are definitely a year I’ll never forget." (Source: www.bustle.com)


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