A Gary Owen Kids

A Gary Owen Kids

Gary Owen Kids


Today my son called to tell me he's ill. Children like to put the pain on their parents, but in this case, it's my wife. I'm sorry, I've been so busy with work and kids and everything it's been hard for me to work at our daily smiles. So in one phone call I became the bully and the victim, the nearly absent father and the every-available-for-the-kids parent.

Kanya Dude

The actor has been married to a businesswoman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Premier Sports and Corporate Travel Company, Kenya Duke since 2003. The couples already share three children with each other and they are named, Kennedy Owen, the only daughter and youngest child of Gary Owen, and Kenya Duke, next is Emilio Owen, the eldest child, and the youngest son, middle child, Austin Owen. (Source:

Owen tied knots with Kenya Duke in the year 2003. Since then, they have had a happy married life. The couple is also graced with three children, two sons, namely Emilio and Austin, and a daughter named Kennedy. Gary has an interracial marriage. The best part is that he has not been shady about it. Instead, he takes up this topic as a source to begin within his stand-up comedy. He even takes up his family in his jokes and is quite considerate and frank about it. For a man who has won competitions that are meant for black people and holds the record for the only white man to host a show on Black Entertainment Television, it is clear that Gary Owen has always been in close proximity to black people. This is why his marriage to Kenya Duke, an African-American woman came as no surprise to a lot of people. The couple met in a comedy club and got married on the 19th of July, 2003. The ceremony was not a very smooth one and had about three disasters which include the cake being dropped. In 2006, in a much quieter and less chaotic ceremony, they renewed their vows. (Source:wiki.projecttopics.org))


When asked if he had a baby with another woman, the “Think Like a Man” star exclaimed, “No! Nothing like that; it’s not scandalous.” He continued by explaining the sole reason behind the divorce, “This is one of those it’s not a tragic ending. You’re with someone for 23 years and you know the marriage ended and it happens. It’s okay. It’s okay it happens. I wanted to keep it private but she [Kenya] didn’t.”

wiki.projecttopics.org)Gary Owen is the only white man who has had the opportunity to host the show, Comic View on BET; this he has done twice. He is not only recognized for his stand-up comedy but for his acting as well, he has had performances in Daddy Day Care, Hillbilly Highway, House of Payne, Held Up, and Ride Along. The films he is most known for are Think Like a Man and Think Like a Man Too. (Source:





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