A Floyd Mayweather Daughter

A Floyd Mayweather Daughter

Floyd Mayweather Daughter


Kylie Jenner, his beautiful daughter with ex wife, has become an international sensation, even just by getting a social media moment. Not bad for a girl, huh?


Yaya has a pretrial hearing scheduled for February 2022. She is being charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Such a crime is generally categorized as a second-degree matter and punishable by fines up to $10,000 and a prison sentence of two to 20 years in Texas. Under certain circumstances, such a crime can be charged as a first-degree felony assault, which carries a more severe punishment.

Yaya was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon earlier this month after charging at Lapattra with knives. The two were reportedly fighting over the rap star after Yaya saw Lapattra at his home. The two got into a heated argument and things turned physical. Yaya grabbed knives from Youngboy’s home and charged at Lapattra. She began stabbing her over and over again. Lapattra’s stab wounds were so severe that she was laying on the floor when EMT’s arrived and had to be taken to the hospital immediately. Yaya claimed it was an act of self-defense after Lapattra pulled her hair. (Source: talentrecap.com)


At the top of 2021, Yaya also took to her Instagram stories, to reveal that the child she had been pregnant with, was finally born. She had this child with Youngboy, as they dated for most of 2020. In Yaya’s IG post, the photo contained a photo of the baby’s foot. The gender of the baby ended up being confirmed as a boy, but Yaya has still yet to show off any photos which display the child’s face.

Earlier this year, Yaya also discussed on Instagram, of the possibility of moving back in, with her father, Floyd. She shared multiple Instagram story posts of Floyd holding her child, as she pondered of the idea of moving back in. It was never fully confirmed by Yaya that she is back in Money Mayweather’s home, but is definitely still close with him. (Source: theblast.com)


Youngboy said, “After Friday I’ll never release a song/album again until I’m in a better situation #PROMISE.” This bad situation that the rapper is in could be referring to the drama between his baby momma and his girlfriend. It is no doubt hard for someone to deal with their significant other potentially facing prison for life. “We are here for you,” said one comment on the post. People were not thrilled with Yaya’s behavior and also took to Twitter to voice how she “ruined her life over that boy.” (Source:

Yaya Mayweather is the daughter of a professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather. However, even he can’t help get her out of the drama she is involved in. The 19-year-old is now facing the possibility of being in prison for life after stabbing the mother of rapper NBA Youngboy’s child, Lapattra Jacobs. (Source: talentrecap.com)


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