A Eminem Snoop Dogg

A Eminem Snoop Dogg

Eminem Snoop Dogg


Eminem and Snoop Dogg will perform a joint half-time show at next year’s Super Bowl in Atlanta.


“[Dr. Dre] has probably put Eminem in the position to where he could be like labeled as one of Top 10 rappers ever,” Snoop originally said during an interview with The Breakfast Club. “I don’t think so, but the game feels like he’s Top 10 lyricist and all that comes with it but that’s just because he’s with Dr. Dre and Dr. Dre helped him find the best Eminem he could find.” The feud between the two singing giants started last summer after Snoop failed to include Eminem in his top 10 list of rappers, claiming on The Breakfast Club that although Eminem might be a great lyricist, a lot of his success should be attributed to the platform Dr Dre gave him at the beginning of his career.

The private apology came after Snoop said that he would not put Em in the top 10 rappers of all-time during an appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show last July. That prompted Marshall to express his displeasure in his Music to be Murdered By bonus track “Zeus,” on which Slim Shady raps, “I’m used to people knocking me/ But just not in my camp… Last thing I need is Snoop dogging me.” (Source: www.billboard.com)


“We love each other. If you got siblings you know that you have misunderstandings and disagreements. That s**t happens. But the beauty of it all is that If I’m wrong I know how to call Marshall and apologize. I was wrong bro, do you forgive me? No problem, let’s roll on. I feel like this was necessary because I was the reason why it became what it was and I felt like I could be a reason to stop it. For the sake of family and for the sake of my love for Eminem and Dr. Dre and what we have built, that was the only thing to do. I probably called him four-five months ago. We really love each other. We don’t want public to spin on something that’s not even that serious. We truly respect each other. We brothers man.”

“There is Snoop Dogg and Eminem song on my Westmore album. It is called “From Detroit to the LBC”, that’s Mount Westmore album that is coming out in January and Eminem and Snoop single is featured on there. And that motherf**ker slapped. That s**t is HUH! It was very challenging for me. Eminem really f**king shot at me. He shot his shot and as a rapper that’s what you want when you get a feature, to have to work you f**king a** off. He is going that hard because he knows I’m going to match him on the same level and that’s what it is when you making records with people that you love. It’s competitive but for the right reason. To bring the best out of each other. (Source: southpawers.com)


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