A Demetria Obilor

A Demetria Obilor

Demetria Obilor:


Demetria Obilor is a content marketer based in NYC. But don't let her last name fool you — she's not just a bookkeeper. Instead, she writes about how automation is transforming the accounting industry and how laws that mainly benefit the middle class are a barrier to the new economy.


In terms of relationships, not much is known about Obilor’s romantic life though it is likely that she is more focused on her work in this stage of her life. She mentioned that she has three brothers, and during her free time loves spending it with her family. She also loves travelling and watching movies, particularly horror films. Her favorite color is red and she prefers to eat spicy food as much as possible. She also entered a fashion competition, and won grand prize as well as the People’s Choice Awards during the Las Vegas’ Container Park Fashion Show.

Stating that she has “big news to report,” Mungo told staffers that Obilor has “decided to step away from the traffic desk and not renew her contract at WFAA. As we all know, Demetria took this town by storm almost immediately after her arrival. Her authenticity during a video response to viewer body shaming went viral. It solidified the fact that Demetria is her own person! And people watched.” (Source: blackchristiannews.com)


Demetria Obilor was born in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, on the 29th of March in 1991. There is no information about the identities of her parents. Still, the fact that is known is that her dad is Nigerian, and her mum is of German-Lithuanian-Russian ancestry. She has been gifted with three beloved siblings christened as Uzoma, Ikkena, and Kelechi. She shares a very lovely and close relationship with her family. She grew up in Las Vegas with his loving brothers, who love and support her unconditionally.Demetria is of Nigerian descent from her father’s side, and while she was born in Kansas City, her family later moved to Las Vegas during her high school years. After matriculating from high school, she attended Johnson County Community College for a year before going to the University of Kansas where she studied Broadcast Journalism, and completed her degree in 2012.

Demetria Obilor is an American journalist and host who was born and brought up in Kansas City, United States. Currently, she serves as a traffic ensemble anchor known for her work on ABC’s Channel 8. Prior, she worked as a production tech for KSHB-TV and a traffic reporter for KLAS-TV. (Source: wiki.projecttopics.org)


Demetria started her career path while in college. In 2010, she worked at KUHJ-TV, a college station: she worked as an off-screen writer and graphics creator. Alongside that, she did stand-ups and live interviews. She also did cover stories for the same channel. During this period, she was in Kansas. In 2011, she later started working at NBC in Kansas, and a station called KSHB-TV as a production technician. In 2012, she was done with her university studies thus graduated the same year. As a grad, she did keep the job until then when she was promoted into being a traffic report under the morning segment program later in 2013.

Obilor would work with KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, before moving to WFAA located in Dallas. In 2014, she became an anchor for the CBS Channel 8 stationed in Las Vegas which led to her hosting her own social media segment, entitled “Trending Now”. She also hosted the franchised segment entitled “What’s Driving You Crazy?” She stayed with the station for the next three years, before working on the show “Day Break” – a part of WFAA – as a Traffic Ensemble Anchor meaning she reported on traffic in the area. She was also responsible for a segment entitled “Speed Feed”. (Source: biographytribune.com)


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