A Deitrick Haddon

A Deitrick Haddon

Deitrick Haddon


deitrick haddon is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. but he was naturally inclined to the art of storytelling. He is an active blogger, podcaster, and author, with a focus on personal development and self-help.


Emerging from the highly competitive gospel scene in Detroit, Michigan, with its numerous and skillful traditional choirs, Deitrick Haddon has made his mark in progressive gospel styles. Drawing on a range of secular music that extended from classic soul to hiphop, Haddon made a point of using his music as a ministry to the unchurched. Yet his forward-looking style didn't involve any compromises when it came to the expression of faith; Haddon's music was passionate in its devotional spirit, and in performance he interspersed his songs with spoken, sermon-like material. By the mid-2000s, Haddon was contending for the gospel world's top awards. (

Actually, Haddon started preaching before he turned to music. Showing a gift for holding the attention of a crowd, he gave his first sermon at age 11. Soon his mother encouraged him to take solos with Unity Cathedral's 60-voice adult choir. Haddon was reluctant at first. "I'd be crying while I was singing," he told an interviewer from the Kay 3 Music Web site. "I was shy back in the day and I hated to sing. But they [his parents] pushed me to do it. Sometimes I'd be sleeping and my friends would wake me up and say, hey D.D., they callin' you to do a solo." Two years later, the church's regular choir director resigned; and young Haddon was appointed one of two choir directors. (Source: biography.jrank.org)


Signed to the small Tyscot label in 1994, Haddon and Voices of Unity issued the album Come into This House the following year. Live the Life, released in 1997, began to put Haddon on the gospel music map as it won two Gospel Music Workshop of America awards, one for New Artist of the Year: Urban Contemporary and the other for Album of the Year: Urban Contemporary. Proclaiming influences from Pastor Marvin Winans, gospel vocalist Rance Allen, and such secular stars as Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Sam Cooke, and even Michael Jackson, Haddon created a sound that he at first dubbed "gospel soul." (Source:

For Haddon, taking on Los Angeles was his best move. He married Dominique McTyer in 2013 and made his small-screen debut that same year in Preachers of L.A., Oxygen’s reality show that followed the lives of six preachers and lasted for two seasons. He became a father of three — Destin, 6; Denver, 3; and Deitrick Jr., just shy of a year old — and started Hill City Church, a nondenominational Christian church in Compton, California. (Ssicians in the world,” he said. “He [Zaytoven] is out there doing it big, and he stays faithful as a church musician at his church. He called me to come in and collaborate with some of the writers on Usher’s latest project.” (Source: theundefeated.com)




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