A Debbie Mathers

A Debbie Mathers

Debbie Mathers:


Debbie Mathers recently attended an event in London with international speakers, entrepreneurs, and investors. One of the speakers was Jason Cohen of GCI Media. It was a jam-packed event and one of the most interesting that Debbie had ever been to. She attended another event hosted by GCI Media recently and got to chat with him while they waited in line to meet-and-greet the speakers. Debbie says it was wonderful to have a chance to talk to him.


In North Dakota, USA, on June 30, 1951, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. was born. He was a construction worker professionally. In 1973, Mathers Jr. married Debbie, Eminem’s mother. Then he was 22 years old and she was 15 years old, 2 years later their son was Eminem. In a short time, they parted ways. Debbie and her son Eminem moved to Detroit with her family, on the other hand, Mathers Bruce moved to California. He remarried to a woman he had not named and welcomed two children, Sarah and Michael. Mathers Jr. had been an alcoholic for some years. He managed to deal with this passion.

Nathan Kane Samara had a troubled relationship with his mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs. He called her crazy and feels that living with his brother is better than living with his mother. Also, she has a wonderful relationship with her 3 nieces, Whitney, Hailie, and Alaine. He travels with Eminem and supports him in the crisis of his private life. When Eminem’s spouse, Kimberly Anne Scoot, attempted suicide, he had been Eminem’s side. During the court case of Eminem, he had been with him. Sarah is the daughter of Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. from the second marriage. He started a new family and decimation with Sarah and Michael Mathers, after leaving his wife Debbie and son Eminem. Her mother’s identity was not announced, but it is known that her parents had separated. However, she stays in touch with her father. In California, she lives and works as a waitress. She is the famous singer and songwriter Eminem’s half-sister. (Source: writingley.com)



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