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Known for her YouTube channel, De’arra and Ken 4 Life, De’arra Taylor is a YouTube vlogger from Atlanta, Georgia. Taylor created her YouTube channel in the year 2014 and the first video of the couple was released a year later, in 2015. Along with her fiancée, De’arra captures her family life in the form of vlogs consisting of fun family games, pranks, challenges, funny anecdotes, and other aspects of family life. These videos are made in an attempt to set a positive example for their viewers. The channel has amassed over 6 million subscribers, with their most popular video, ‘Do It Like Me Challenge’ starring De’arra has gathered over 4 million views. De’arra has a huge fan following on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and is highly appreciated by fans. She has also started her own web series along with her fiancé, called ‘De’arra and Ken’s Prank Show’. (Source:

In the video’s comments, the couple wrote: “It’s been a long ride gang thank you guys for all the love and support throughout these several years and now all the love and support you will show us both as we expand our individual platforms here on YouTube. Thank you guys so much forever and always“. ( (Source:en.wikipedia.org)


DK4L: That’s De’arra and Ken 4 Life. De’arra Taylor, 21, and Ken Walker, 22, are not singers or comedians or actors. What they are is a couple. They’ve been dating about three years, and they’ve been making YouTube videos together for almost as long. You’ve never heard of them, unless you’re one of their 3.6 million YouTube subscribers, in which case you’re obsessed with them. Someday, she’d like to be part of a couple’s channel again. Until then, though, she has this: The anticipatory darkness of the Roulette theater, echoing with the voices of keyed-up teenagers all waiting for the show to start. Then the stage lights up with a video reel — De’arra and Ken dancing, De’arra and Ken pranking each other. And then they’re there, bounding onto the stage with all the energy of an old-time vaudeville act.

De'arra Taylor is a young YouTuber and really talented social media star. She was born in 1996 in Minnesota and grew up alongside her parents and sister Zaria. De'arra opened her personal YouTube account in 2014, and about a year later together with her boyfriend Ken Walker they opened one more joint channel which became really popular and amassed a large number of fans. It is possible to find plenty of interesting videos, challenges, sketches, and the reactions on interesting life situations that the young couple has been posting. De'arra Taylor also has her own Twitter and Instagram accounts where plenty of great pictures are posted. As of the early 2020s, she has over 3.2 million followers in Instagram.(Source: nymag.com)




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