A Carmeon Hamilton

A Carmeon Hamilton

Carmeon Hamilton:


Carmeon Hamilton is a Designer. He is also an Instagram star and has boomed his profile in the past few months. He does not have a job title, but he does have more than 100,000 Instagram followers! Â So what does Carmeon offer that instagrammers need us to learn from?


“I had gone through the entire process of casting for several different projects prior to being cast for Design Star,” she says, “but everything just fell through. It was always, ‘We think you’re great! Can you interview for this?’ And then you hear nothing. I went through that probably for two years — lots of interest, but nothing ever came from it. So I was a little jaded, and actually told this casting producer, ‘No thank you.’ But he was very persistent. I had no idea it was Design Star until they told me I was cast five months later. So even they kept it a secret from me. But the original Design Star was one of my favorite shows, period!”

But with her star ascendant, tragedy struck. On the afternoon of August 29th, Marcus Hamilton, Carmeon’s husband, was riding his motorcycle on North Watkins when an intoxicated driver turned in front of him. Marcus died on the scene. The couple had been together for almost 15 years, since college, and were preparing for a celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary; their son, Davin, recently began seventh grade. (Source: memphismagazine.com)


A graduate of the University of Central Arkansas’ Interior Design program, Hamilton started a design blog called Cohesive Randomness while still in college. Her long-running lifestyle writing slowly gained a following over the years, as she built her business, Nubi Interiors. On Instagram, she amassed tens of thousands of followers (now, more than 135,000 people have been drawn to her on that platform). That’s where she received a direct message from a television producer asking if she would be interested in auditioning for a show.

Readers of Memphis magazine have already met Carmeon Hamilton. In 2018, we published a short article about her when the designer was participating in that year’s Art by Design showcase benefitting ArtsMemphis. Then in 2020, we relaunched our Habitats series with a visit to the Cordova home of the interior designer, blogger, and social media influencer. Little did we know that we were catching the 35-year-old on the cusp of a life-changing year that began when she was cast in Design Star: Next Gen, the reboot of the popular interior design competition show on discovery+. (Source: memphismagazine.com)




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