A Cardi B Without Makeup

A Cardi B Without Makeup

Cardi B Without Makeup


This is a blog for people who love to see pictures of Cardi B without makeup. This is a blog for people who love to see pictures of Cardi B without makeup. This is a blog for people who love to see pictures of Cardi B without makeup. This is a blog for people who love to see pictures of Cardi B without makeup.


Cardi B is an A-list celebrity who is quite famous for her songs, lyrics, and rapping skills. While most of such young celebrities and personalities guard their personal life to a lot of extents, this beauty has been quite vocal and real before the camera. Cardi b without makeup moments are often posted by herself in social media accounts, often giving her fans a glimpse of her real-life and right routine. Her true self is not guarded against her followers, and we quite love the way she is bold and real before several such millions of people across the globe.

Cardi goes on to call out people who try to insult women when they're having success. "When y'all see them doing so good, y'all be trying to put their confidence down. That don't work on me anymore," she says. "I just want to channel that I feel comfortable in my skin. That I'm great. That I'm happy. My record is doing great. And just because you got so much hatred in your heart that when I do great, y'all want to put it down — you can't. I'ma stay on top with this face, with this natural face, makeup or not. A bitch is doing good." (Source: www.allure.com)


In some of her insta posts, she can be seen just chilling out after a peaceful nap in far off locations while she’s on vacations. Moreover, these posts or stories of Cardi B without makeup gives are a fantastic way to increase self-love. Moreover, it also gives us an accurate picture of all the glory and glamour of celeb life. She continues to keep her social media updated with her life and makeup. This gives an excellent personal feel to all the fans who always crave to know what is happening in Cardi’s life! The all-natural look has been suiting the queen B ample of times. However, her flamboyant hairstyles keep her looking great. Also, she keeps changing her hairstyle, so her fans always have something to look up to. She always adds some element of surprise. If her clothes are not doing that job for her, then her hair will!

There were numerous events and posts of Cardi B that revealed her in the natural skin when she was pregnant. Moreover, even after her daughter was born. A makeup-free queen was spotted a lot of times. A lot of celebs shy away from the fans and paps during and after the pregnancy. However, Cardi b shows that she will always be different. She gave her fans regular updates of her pregnancy and also her looks! (Source: southernafrican.news)


We know Cardi B loves makeup. You just have to look at her in music videos, on stage, or just hanging out to know she appreciates the artistry that goes into it. She also loves how she looks without makeup, as she very well should. What she hates is when people try to make her feel bad for how she looks when she goes makeup-free, and she shared her feelings in a new video that confidently puts trolls in their place.

Before becoming a famous rapper, Cardi B was into stripping and used to dance at various nightclubs. So, it is safe to say that she was always around the world of glamour and fashion. Furthermore, after her rap career took off, Cardi B managed to take her fashion game to the next level. It is safe to say that she is defiantly a fashion icon for many! So, when a prominent personality like her feels free and goes on without makeup, that sends a huge message to the world. By doing so, she embraces the natural beauty that most of us try to hide with all the filters and makeup. (Source: southernafrican.news)




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