A Bikini Babes

A Bikini Babes

Bikini Babes

Grass Hill Elite is a supplier of life’s necessities. Founded by Henry Davidson in the late 1800s, it became one of the first companies to popularize the notion that the outside of the package is important. Today, the company is run by his great, great grandson with a focus on performance and style.


A drenched Parveen Babi in a bikini running on the beach in Vinod Pande’s Yeh Nazdeekiyan is an image that has stood the test of time. And perhaps for eternity it will be the evidence of the glamour image that defined Parveen. She was the original wild child of Indian cinema known for clandestine affairs and a big fan following. She is still considered one of the hottest women to ever make it to Indian big screens.

Dimple Kapadia was perhaps the youngest Indian actress to don a bikini. In her first movie, at the age of 16 she bikini-clad she swam around like a mermaid. And if that wasn’t a statement enough, Dimple came back with bang! She went topless in Saagar and film folk couldn’t believe their eyes. She also donned a swimsuit in Jaanbaaz and her scenes in the poolside of a five star Hotel were too hot to handle. Dimple was, is and will be as sexy as sexy can be. (Source: www.filmfare.com)


This list full of bikini babes wouldn’t be complete without at least one of the girls from A Bikini A Day right? With almost 2 million followers on Instagram this babe is truly a bikini boss. If she could, she’d wear a bikini 24/7 and I wouldn’t blame her! Every time I look at her pictures two things come to my mind: I need that bikini and I need to go to the gym again…

Read allCompetitive bikini contestants will do anything to win Miss Bikini Babe of the Year. But just how low and dirty are they willing to go? This adult feature originally aired as separate volumes and as online video downloads before being edited together in 2020 as a safe-to-air vers... (Source: www.imdb.com)



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