A Barbershop 3

A Barbershop 3

Barbershop 3:


Two guys having an argument in a barbershop. One of them is going to get his haircut, while the other enjoys texting on his phone. They argue, fight, but eventually they just end up having a good understanding of one another. And they start laughing. And then they agree to leave each other alone, only to watch their argument unfold again a few minutes later.


All of the social issues that are brought up in this film are SO POIGNANT. I'm glad that the African American community is finally brave enough to stand up for what is righteous, just, and good concerning "the issues". Oh that sounds racist? Well, let me tell you mister, I couldn't possibly be racist because I gave this film a good review! - said every single white person who saw this movie and wrote about it. This movie is a tonal mess. It is really funny in parts, then it segues into actual political dialogue, and later furthered along by relationship issues. Repeat that for two hours, and you have the third/fourth Barbershop movie. The dramatic acting is contrived, the comedic acting is excellent, and then...nothing happens. If the inextricable elements of celebrity worship and internet culture could be cancelled out, this would make for a very hopeful cultural commentary. The fact that the film is dependent on completely unrealistic societal expectations makes it both endearing and worthless. The only people who are going to think that Barbershop: The Next Cut is going to stop a gang war are naive, white, and trying too hard. On the flip side, this film is very thoughtful about its subject matter, and, as dialogue driven films go, never boring. It is littered with the good and the bad of both comedic and dramatic actors and acting, and one thing it doesn't lack is soul. But as far as it reaches to make a political statement or lend hope to a community of the oppressed, just remember, if you are disenfranchised with the power structure, it doesn't matter how many hours you cut hair, you aren't going to stop President Obama from killing brown people on the other side of the globe. Now that's some gangsta shit.

Brief kisses. A woman asks her husband to have sex right now, then begins to unzip his pants, gets on all fours, and commands him to "get in it," but he declines. A husband jokes that his tired wife can only offer "lazy side booty." A single woman ambiguously propositions a married man and later tries to kiss him. Sexual references and comments objectify characters' bodies. A man jokes that he can't wait to give an angry woman "the D." (Source: www.commonsensemedia.org)


First off I was a huge fan of the first two Barbershop films. I cannot tell you how many times I have rewatched the first one. Cedric The Entertainer kills me every single time and I continually laugh at it no matter how many times I watch. I was extremely excited to see we were getting to go back to the shop with The Next Cut and eager to learn new life lessons and have a lot of fun with these characters. While the film hasn't been heavily promoted I enjoyed the trailer and was quite ready to see this film. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

The film was funny and the characters were good. It had good characterization. The movie was thoughtful. it is a bit long but definitely an inspiring film. Minaj was good in this film. The son did a good job acting. Everyone was good. The plot was interesting and the film made you think. Ice Cube did a phenomenal job in this film. There were some politics in this film but it made you think and I like the fact that people simply tried to be their own person, individuals to help their community. (Source: www.amazon.com)



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