A Alicia Etheredge

A Alicia Etheredge

Alicia Etheredge


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Alicia Etheredge is an American producer. She is the second wife of actor, singer, and dancer Bobby Brown whom she married in 2012. She has been his manager and has also managed the careers of other well-known celebrities, including former basketball star Magic Johnson and R&B singer Macy Gray. In addition, she has produced many TV shows in her career. A mother of two beautiful daughters and a son, the lady is often publicly praised by her husband. According to him, she is the one who has ignited his faith in the supreme power. He loves and respects her and doesn’t hesitate to talk openly about what he feels for her. However, Etheredge is also considered a controversial figure. In 2018, her sister-in-law called her a “bad woman” and even claimed that her brother was totally under the control of his wife. She was also accused of ill-treating Bobbi Kristina Brown, Brown's daughter with his first wife. (Source:

In September 2018, Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown Muhammad spoke about Etheredge’s part in her brother’s documentary miniseries, ‘The Bobby Brown Story.’ Muhammad claimed that her brother had lied about his second wife’s character in the series. She spoke about her sister-in-law’s negative behavior with her family members. According to her, her brother Bobby Brown is under the full control of Alicia Etheredge, who won’t even allow him to give money for his own mother’s medicine. Muhammad also alleged that her late niece, Bobbi Kristina, had also been treated badly by Etheredge. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)


In the past, Bobby Brown has made headlines for his bad boy behavior, but the R&B singer has long turned over a new leaf –and it’s in large part to his faith and wife Alicia. The couple recently stopped by ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast, where they spoke to editors Cori Murray and Charli Penn about their marriage, sharing that faith is at the center of their relationship.

“We met many years ago, many years ago,” he said. “I believe I was about 18, and we were at a dance place, where people just go and work out their new moves … I met her there, and we became friends. We all hung out.” (Source: www.ajc.com)


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