A Adina Howard

A Adina Howard

Adina Howard


R&B superstar "Adina Howard has always been driven by her love of music. Before she dropped her debut album in 1995 she'd been performing at clubs and private parties for years, though most of those shows were for grateful friends and family. For Adina, the key to her success has always been her ability to connect with the audience in a special way.


By 2004, Howard released her third album The Second Coming on Rufftown Records. A video was made for the first single, "Nasty Grind", Mark Rezyka Directed the video and the music video was produced by Jack Edward Sawyers. The video featured Adina topless covering herself while she sang. The video played on BET during early morning hours. The album sold poorly due to lack of promotion and only managed to gather 40,000 copies on store shelves and she was later sued by the label.

It all started when Adina Howard, a new darling of the music industry in the '90s, had an affair with Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men — which was by then an already massively popular group. There was just one snag though: as detailed in the docuseries Unsung, Morris was already attached to someone else. And that someone else was Brandy, a way bigger, bankable star than Howard and a celebrity with a squeaky clean image that was the polar opposite of Howard's unapologetically promiscuous style. "Two young ladies, a lot of their egos get in the way and were kind of going through it about a guy," Howard says in the episode. But it wasn't just the ladies themselves who were feeling some kind of way over their shared bae. (Source: www.nickiswift.com)


The singer’s sophomore album “Welcome to Fantasy Island” was led by the single “(Freak) And U Know It”, however was shelved by Elektra Records in 1997. A few years later the album was leaked onto the internet, and the track “T-Shirt & Panties” (featuring Jamie Foxx) found its way on the 1998 film “Woo” soundtrack and later released as a single. Howard subsequently released the studio album “The Second Coming” in 2004 after moving to Rufftown Records, led by the single “Nasty Grind”. The album didn’t sell well however, and plans to release a second single were dropped after Howard left the label shortly after the release.

In a world where hip hop musicians seem to be appearing almost every day and are hailed as saviours of the genre, it seems slightly easier for artists to make a name for themselves. An artist who knows the importance of hard work and dedication is Adina Howard, a hip hop and R & B icon of the mid-90s who continues to perform almost two decades later. The injustice of the spotlight always favouring the new means Adina is no longer a frequenter of the charts yet the fans stay true to her and know the material from across all five albums well. (Source: www.songkick.com)


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