Undefined slope fraction

Undefined slope fraction


Undefined slope

An undefined slope happens when a line is vertical. Explore the definition of undefined slope, examples of undefined slope, the vertical ascent and slope, and undefined slope and graphing in this lesson.The closer the denominator gets to 0, the closer the whole fraction (the slope) gets to infinity. So, undefined slope simply means the slope is enormous. In fact, many times it is called infinite slope. Occasionally, you might also hear the phrase 'no slope,' but that isn't a good description because it can easily be confused with a flat or horizontal line, which has zero slope.

As stated above, horizontal lines have slope equal to zero. This does not mean that horizontal lines have no slope. Since m = 0 in the case of horizontal lines, they are symbolically represented by the equation, y = b. Functions represented by horizontal lines are often called constant functions. Vertical lines have undefined slope. Since any two points on a vertical line have the same x-coordinate, slope cannot be computed as a finite number according to the formula,The above answer k = -3 is correct, but I see you asked to know *how* to solve this problem. I'm not sure how much you remember about the equation for slope, (y = mx + b), so here's a more general explanation. Remember the slope is undefined. This means that the line is going to be vertical and will pass through the same x-coordinate value for all values of y. If we know the point (-3, -2) is on the line, and the line has an undefined slope (i.e. it is vertical), then all values of x will be -3, regardless of the y value. To solve problems with undefined slope in the general sense, plot the point (-3, -2) on a graph. Second, draw a vertical line (undefined slope) through the point (-3, -2). Lastly, take note that all points on this vertical line will be x = -3, including the point y = 3. This is why k = -3. Hope this helps, cheers!

The undefined slope is the slope of the vertical line. That means if the line is vertical, the slope is undefined. The line in the undefined slope is parallel to the y-axis, and the value of ?x is 0. The x-coordinate of undefined slope never changes no matter what the y-coordinate is. In an undefined slope, the value of Δy is a non-zero integer, whereas the value of Δx is 0. The undefined slope is opposite of the zero slope. In terms of rise and run, the rise in undefined slope is either positive or negative, and run in the undefined slope is zero.


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